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Elliot Bonnie
In between college football and pale ale I am looking forward to Mercenaries 2. Of course that depends on when Gamestop gets it. Sunday morning would be nice, but if that falls through I'll play some Castle Crashers.

Ben Berry
The new Galaga is most assuredly the love child of old Galaga and Every Extend Extra Extreme. So I'll be playing that some more this weekend. Also, Castle Crashers as soon as I get it downloaded.

Sean Colleli
I'll be turning my hard-edged skepticism on the Force Unleashed demo. Despite the hype, the gameplay videos look sketchy to me, specifically the lightsaber--it appears to handle like a lead pipe. I guess it's time for me to try it out and put my money where my mouth is. Besides that, I'll be playing a lot of the original Alien vs. Predator, as I've finally found a fix that lets me play it under Windows XP. Hooray for modders on the internets!

Charles Husemann
With the long weekend I'm going to try and wrap up Space Siege and Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty.  I'm also trying to catch Eva and John in Try Again...errr. D&D Tiny Adventures.  Time permitting I'm going to show the girlfriend how to play Castle Crashers and do a little sentry tanking in Team Fortress 2.  I imagine I'll also be playing with the big box of stuff that arrived on Friday if I get the chance.

Randy Kalista
The second round of Atlantica Online's beta is underway as we speak, and I feel a certain tug towards its JRPG combat, characterization, and roulette-wheel loot boxes. But I'll have to tear myself away from my Lord of the Rings Online free trial long enough to do so. (Yeah, a bit LTTP on that one, sorry.) And I'm downloading the Warhammer Online client in preparation for the "Waaagh!" beta on September 7th.

Dan Keener
Got a new toy in from Polk Audio and have to say sayonara to the Sharp GP3. I will break out Oblivion for one last hurrah, but it is a Family weekend and Fantasy Football weekend around my household.

Matt Mirkovich
I've got Final Fantasy Tactics A2 on my DS since I just finished Final Fantasy 4. I'm going to go try out Street Fighter IV at a local arcade. I'm also going to spend some time with Tomb Raider: Anniversary on 360. And then it's back to school for Disgaea 3 on the PS3.

Nathan Murray
I've entered the Shivering Isle in Elder Scrolls IV and haven't lost my mind yet. I'm a little disappointed that I haven't to be honest. COD 4 is pretty much all I play when I'm not running around in sacred armor. Maybe that game will make me lose my mind.

Sean Nack
I'm in Boston for my annual pilgrimage to Fenway, and therefore am taking a vacation from gaming. All play and no play make Sean a dull...something...

Eva Sines
I'm going camping this weekend and will probably be playing in the mud at this rate. Good clean fun is over rated.
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