Mortal Kombat is getting a new animated movie later this year

by: Nathan -

Well this was a pleasant surprise. As reported by Hollywood Reporter, WB has announced that Mortal Kombat will be getting a brand new animated movie titled "Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge". No release date was announced but is planned to be released in the first half of this year.

The film will be directed by Ethan Spaulding (Batman: Assault on Arkham, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis) The script will by Jeremy Adams (Supernatural, Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans)

Here is the announced cast so far

  • Scorpion / Hanzo Hasashi - Patrick Seitz 
  • Sub-Zero - Steve Blum
  • Sonya Blade - Jennifer Carpenter 
  • Liu Kang - Jordan Rodrigues 
  • Kano - Robin Atkin Downes 
  • Johnny Cage - Joel McHale
  • Quan Chi - Darin De Paul
  • Shang Tsung - Artt Butler 
  • Kitana / Satoshi Hasashi - Grey Griffin 
  • Raiden - David B. Mitchell
  • Jackson Briggs - Ike Amadi
  • Goro - Kevin Michael Richardson
  • Demon Torturer - Fred Tatasciore 


What we're playing

by: Randy -
Japan is on track to complete its Super Nintendo World park this summer, creating a "life-size, living video game" experience. Microsoft will be there, but Sony is skipping E3 for the second year in a row. And Kagawa Prefecture in Japan wants to limit children to one hour of video games during the school week, and 90 minutes on the weekend.
So, what are you playing?
Eric Hauter
After several false starts over the years on a number of systems, I have determined that I am going to beat the 2013 version of Tomb Raider. The game looks and runs great on Stadia, and I am far enough in now that I would feel bad if I didn't complete the story.
Interestingly, my three-year-old has become involved in my playthrough, coming over to sit in my lap during some of the less graphic portions. But, as anyone who has played the game can attest, Tomb Raider swings wildly from not-very-graphic to insanely graphic in mere moments. During those times, my son gets all excited, bouncing in place and merrily announcing "She's DEAD!" every time that Lara catches a spike through the head or falls to her doom. If he were any older, I would shoo him out of the room. But at this age, I feel like he can watch Lara die in any number of awful ways without being permanently scarred. My wife disagrees. But he seems fine. Happy, even. The Dark Crystal on Netflix, however, scares the pants off of him.
Randy Kalista
Since Thanksgiving, basically, it's been me playing Skyrim on PS4 while my daughter plays Skyrim on PC. Or me playing Skyrim on PC while my daughter plays Skyrim on PS4. Between the couch and the computer chair, she and I were constantly trading seats, catching up on our characters saved separately on either machine. "I think that playing Skyrim all Saturday morning until 3 p.m. is probably enough, you two," my wife said. And she's right.
So I got Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. It's a role-playing game that came out only six months after Skyrim, and the differences are phenomenal. Dragon's Dogma's dragon looks like a sock puppet. The town's streets are barren. Your default hair is absolutely early 2000's JRPG. The soundtrack trades in its lutes and orchestra for J-rock guitar solos and airy arias. But the nighttime is black and frightening, the climbing-on-monsters combat is fluid, and the map is unfolding in a bland but comforting way. So, for now, I'm hooking a lantern onto my belt, bashing crates and barrels in people's private residences, and figuring out why that sock puppet dragon plucked the heart out of my chest like a martini olive and decided to let me live.

Noclip sits down with Hugo Martin to discuss Doom Eternal

by: Sean Colleli -

Doom Eternal is only a scant two months away and Bethesda and Id Software are finally pulling back the curtain to stoke the hype. Youtube documentary series Noclip previously did a fairly exhaustive look at Doom 2016's lengthy development history, and now they're back to discuss Eternal in a podcast with the game's director, Hugo Martin.

I know a lot of fans were salty about the game's delay from October 2019 to March 2020 (I certainly was) but now we have a clearer picture as to why: the game needed some serious balancing. Hugo Martin is candid about how the Doomslayer's new abilities like the flamethrower and meathook gauntlet let players breeze through enemies, which robbed the game of challenge and suspense at any difficulty level.

Hugo and his team had to take a hard look at the combat puzzle they created and make the demons much smarter and more ruthless, to keep players thinking on their toes. He goes into detail on some of the new abilities and counters the classic monsters have to really push players to strategize and use every weapon and ability at their disposal. It's well worth a listen, but be aware there's some salty language in there.

Doom Eternal arrives March 20th, come Hell or high water.

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Digital Foundry goes in-depth with new patch for classic Doom

by: Sean Colleli -

When Doom and Doom II came to consoles last year, it's fair to say it wasn't the cleanest of ports. Music and sound effects were too slow or off-pitch, the lighting system was broken, and the game obstinately asked you to sign into just to play the single player. The biggest issues were quickly remedied with a hasty patch, but it still was far from an authentic retro experience.

The latest patch has made significant technical and quality of life improvements to Doom and Doom II, and Digital Foundry is here to break it down with their typical attention to detail. It turns out that performance has been dramatically improved up to 60fps across all platforms, the sound and music issues have been remedied, and players can now access official add-ons like Final Doom and John Romero's SIGIL free of charge.

I picked both games up for Switch--mostly because Switch still doesn't have a decent split-screen shooter--and so far I'm mostly satisfied. I honestly prefer to play classic Doom on PC with a fully-featured source port like GZDoom or Doomsday, but for a console port that costs $5 and change, this version is a really nice option.

Stadia calms the waters with a reassuring community post

by: Eric -

If you aren't following Google Stadia's Twitter feed, you are missing out on one of the greatest "keeping calm in the face of chaos" moments in the history of gaming. Every time Stadia posts a little ad or promotion, the internet immediately explodes on them, asking ludicrous questions and endlessly demanding FIFA. 

Stadia' response is to keep cool, making funny comments here and there and answering questions here where they can. One of the most common questions that gets asked is "Where are the games?". Google will never give this response, but the answer is clearly "There are no games because you people freaked the hell out at launch, so we delivered everything we had on deck all at once, and now you have it all". 

Anyhow, in the face of constant criticism from the faceless masses (though the Stadia community themselves continue to be super cool and welcoming), Stadia released a nice calming post on their community site today, advising fans to be cool because good stuff is coming. 

After a recap of their activities since launch, Stadia had this to say about the near future:

"We have a lot more planned and will continue to work hard toward delighting gamers with our vision for Stadia. Looking at our upcoming lineup, we are tracking more than 120 games coming to Stadia in 2020, and are targeting more than ten games in the first half of this year alone that will be only available on Stadia when they launch. We’re working with our partners to share more on those games soon.

Gamers can expect more features coming to Stadia in Q1 and beyond. A key benefit of our platform is that we can add these features without any updates or downloads, and we’re starting to roll out the following over the next three months:

  • Support for 4k gaming on the Web
  • Add further Assistant functionality when playing on the Web
  • Support additional Android Phones
  • Wireless gameplay on the Web through the Stadia controller

There is a lot more in store for this year. In the meantime, we hope gamers are gearing up for some great new games and experiences. Toward the end of this month, we will share more about the games coming to Stadia Pro in February."

I think the key point here are the 10 exclusives in the first half of the year, and the 120 games in 2020. Sounds good to me. But I was already calm. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One extended to 2/11/2020

by: Carter -

Infinity Ward has announced a one-time extension for Season One of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which will now end on February 11. The extension was driven by a host of upcoming activity, such as new items, challenges, remixed game modes, playlists, etc. For the remainder of Season One, there will be 2XP, 2X Weapon XP, and 2X Tier Progression to help you finish up your Officer Ranks and Tiers.

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First look at gameplay in Magic: Legends

by: Rob -

When I saw there was a new game coming into the Magic multiverse, I was kinda hoping for a new collectible card game, given that's what Magic is best known for and that my current go to (The Elder Scrolls: Legends) has basically halted development and is on life support. I mean, it even has Legends in the title! But alas, Magic: Legends is not a CCG, its an online action RPG; and while that may not have been my specific hope, that doesn't mean there isn't a lot to get excited about. 

Right now the trailer shows off the two announced classes, Mind Mage and Geomancer. of the five total planned for release. The trailer also covers the two announced locales, Shiv and Benalia, with more promised there as well. Magic: Legends is being developed by Cryptic Studios, the folks behind Champions Online: Free for All, Star Trek Online, and Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter.

The gameplay trailer is beyond the age gate below. More information about Magic: Legends can be found on the official site (, as well as the sign up for the Beta. Magic: Legends does not have any firmly announced start dates yet, but the Beta will kick off in the "spring" and they claim the PC version will release this year and the PS4 and Xbox One versions in 2021. The game will be free-to-play so

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Last Oasis MMO bringing Burning Man survival to a scorched Earth

by: Randy -

Last Oasis caught my attention when it was revealed in January of last year. It caught my attention not only for its letter-flipped LVST OVSIS logo, but for its land-walking wooden sculptures inspired by Dutch artist Theo Jansen's strandbeests, and for the game world's crazy notion that a cataclysm stopped the Earth's rotation so now the planet has a light-and-dark-side-of-the-moon thing happening. Down on the burning/freezing surface, this nomadic survival MMO has tribal cultures racing the sun on mobile Burning Man sculptures and fighting for resources Mad Max style. I mean, are you kidding me? I love everything I'm hearing about this.

No solid date for Steam Early Access besides "Q1 2020." That's anytime between now and March 31. I'm personally not into MMOs anymore (my EVE Online and World of Warcraft days are long gone), but I'll be tuning into any Twitch stream I can get my hands on with Last Oasis. The walkers, the scorching sun, the standstill Earth, the survival mechanics, the player-driven trade economy, and the far-horizon travel distances on a dynamically changing map are going to make for some entertaining MMO action.

British Prime Minister announces Not Tonight for Nintendo Switch

by: Randy -

This is kind of fun. Not Tonight spliced together a Switch launch trailer made up entirely of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson speeches. Not Tonight is by British studio PanicBarn—and PanicBarn is absolutely, positively anti-Brexit, it seems.

Pardon me for burying the lead. Not Tonight launches on Nintendo Switch on January 31. This is specifically the Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition featuring vanilla Not Tonight and the One Love DLC. It's got two stacked layers of pixel graphics: the top layer is the widescreen side-scrolling portion, while the bottom layer is a closeup of you in your job as a 16-bit bouncer for the U.K. nightlife. It's like Papers, Please with less vodka and more tea. But not only are you keeping the wrong people out of the clubs you bounce for, you're trying to keep your job as a whole, and the tone is more than a little Orwellian. 

Our review gave Not Tonight an 8 out of 10, while still admitting in the end, "For its satirical approach, it should have gone a few steps further, and taken the risk in order to become the truly biting, funny, and meaningful social commentary that it wants to be."

Not Tonight originally initially launched on PC in 2018. Switch version coming on January 31. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions have likewise been announced, but release is TBD on those platforms.

CES 2020: Mad Catz shows off some mice, keyboards, and controllers

by: John -

Mad Catz's 2020 lineup features a line of mice, a new headset, a new keyboard, some gamepads, and a fighting stick. Rising back from the dead, Mad Catz looks like they have a great lineup for 2020 and looking to make good on their return.

First up, they've got four new mice coming out with one only being released in 2020.  The R.A.T. PRO X3 Supreme has 10 programmable buttons and a sensor that goes up to 16,000 CPI. With over a dozen accessories, you can configure the mouse in over 100 different configurations. This is the mouse that will only be shipping in 2020, which makes this a limited-edition mouse.

Something really cool was that you can rotate the mouse wheel up above its natural position and you can easily push it to either side with your finger. The process to move it up and down takes a little bit of force, however so you won't be flicking it up and down without taking a little bit of time and two hands.

Underneath is a LCD display that will show you which profile you are using. Just press a button to flip through them until you get to the one you want to use.

Speaking of the bottom, one of the accessories you can use to customize the mouse is switching out the feet. They're held in by magnets so changing them out is a breeze.

The R.A.T. 8+ ADV has 11 programmable buttons and an optical sensor with up to 20,000 CPI. The striking red mouse has switches that are rated for over 60 million clicks. It also can hold up to five different profiles and there's a few accessories as well to customize the feel of the mouse. I have to admit, the red color really makes this mouse stand out for me and there's a lot of good gaming customizations available on this one.

For those wanting wireless gaming, the R.A.T. DWS is a wireless mouse and can connect to your computer via a 2.4Ghz dongle or Bluetooth. Depending on the mode of operation, you can get up to triple digit hours on a single battery charge. The mouse felt light and moved about well based on my limited hands on experience with it.

There's 11 programmable buttons on the R.A.T. DWS and the ability to connect to multiple computers makes this mouse good for both gaming and productivity.

Finally, the R.A.T. AIR S has a 12,000 CPI sensor and features wireless charging via an included mat. There's a nice little RGB logo on the mouse that changes color. What's nice about the mat is that you can roll it up to make it easier to take with you on the go. You'll get about 12 seconds or so of power once you take the mouse off the mat, which is good because it won't just suddenly die when not in the charging area of the mouse mat. The rollable mat is new as Mad Catz has had the solid charging pad available before.

Moving to headsets, the F.R.E.Q. 4 has 50mm drivers and will offer a virtual 7.1 surround sound setup. It's got spring-loaded headband and a retractable mic. For those that want color, the F.R.E.Q. 4 also has RGB lighting and can connect to your PC via USB. It's due out early 2020.

S.T.R.I.K.E. 13 is their latest keyboard featuring Cherry Red switches and RGB lighting.  The keyboard had a nice feel to it and I enjoyed typing on it without the overly loud clicking sound that some other switches make. Each key is individually lit and as you can tell from the picture, it can get pretty colorful.

Mad Catz is going back to producing game controllers and fight sticks  for 2020. C.A.T. 7 and C.A.T. 3 have OLED displays that aid in programming macros and the ability to store profiles. With the C.A.T. 3, you can use it with mobile devices as it will have both 2.4GHz and Bluetooth wireless abilities.

Finally, the  E.G.O. fight stick looks to put Mad Catz back into the fighting ring. We got genuine Sanwa parts in this with an eight-button layout along with an eight way stick. If you want to customize the look, the E.G.O. will let you have customizable faceplates. It felt pretty solid and had some good weight to it.

Overall, it was great to see Mad Catz again and they seem to have some great products in their lineup for 2020. If they can deliver on the mice, keyboards, headset, and controllers, we'll have a great feel good story on our hands with a company coming back from the brink.