When cinema and video games goes too far

by: Nicholas -

If you're like me, then you have a passion for movies. If you're not like me, then maybe you'll think what I'm about to show you is art. 

David Cage tries really hard. The problem is, he doesn't always hit the mark. Case in point: Beyond: Two Souls

In attempting to bring two screen talents to the world of games, Mr. Cage has opened himself up to ridicule with this latest gem by DPO23, a YouTuber specializing in making pretty ridiculous stuff. 

With this, it's Willem Dafoe in Beyond: Two Souls, but his facial animations are 500% more intense.

Granted, it's not 500% immediately. In most cases, the animation starts lower, and then gradually intensifies.

Watch for yourself. 

Finally, the Metal Gear Solid timeline, explained in under 7 minutes

by: Nicholas -

Metal Gear Solid is delectably obtuse. Clones, self-hypnosis, and clandestine conspiracies within conspiracies, it's a joy to play and watch, and a bit of a pain to decipher. 

Luckily for us plebs, videogamedunkey is here to educate. 

Among important points Dunkey highlights in the game are things such as: Solid Snake and Big Boss are the same except Big Boss has an eyepatch; Naked Snake, who is also Big Boss, has an eyepatch; Solidus Snake, who is the president of the United States, also has an eyepatch.

Some really important stuff here to remember if you're a fan of the games. 

Wattam gets a release date

by: Eric -

Keita Takahashi  - creator of Katamari Damacy, has a reputation for creating endearingly weird, unique games. However, he does not agree. Check out this excerpt from a recent interview with the PlayStation Blog:

PSB: All your games are endearingly weird. Do you have to put additional effort into achieving quirkiness, or does it come completely naturally?
KT: All my games are not endearingly weird.

Okay, then. Regardless of his feelings on the issue, his latest endearingly weird game Wattam will be released on December 17, just in time for the holidays. Check out the new release date trailer:

And how are early testers enjoying Wattam?

PSB: What is your favorite reaction you’ve seen from someone playing Wattam?
KT: I have been trying to not look at people who are playing Wattam because I feel uncomfortable, so I don’t know.

All right, dude. I get it.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare already dropping free content

by: Rob -

New multiplayer maps are available now for all platforms in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The content drop coincides with bug fixes and includes two new maps, a new mode, and a new playlist. The update adds the Krovnik Farmland map to the Ground War mode and Shoot House map to multiplayer. Hardpoint debuts as the new game mode. The new Playlist is Shoot House 24/7, which mixes up Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Headquarters on the new map. 

More information on the new hotness can be found at the Activision Blog. Screenshots are below. It's nice to have new content just 2 weeks after release and even nicer that there is no timed exclusivity to this drop, appearing on all platforms at the same time. While other content (like Spec Ops Survival mode) will continue to be Playstation exclusives for a time, this is something everyone can enjoy, all you have to do is install the latest update.

Black Future 88 comes to Switch and Steam on November 21st

by: Sean Colleli -

We are only a couple weeks away from the release of Black Future 88. From Publisher Good Shepherd Interactive and developer Superscarysnakes, the game is a cyberpunk roguelike race to the top of a diabolical tower. In the wake of a post-nuclear hellscape, you have only 18 minutes to reach the top of a tower and kill the mad scientist who destroyed the world. Along the way you can recruit allies, obtain new weapons and upgrade your hero, but if you run out those 18 minutes, your heart explodes. Luckily any experience and firepower you obtain can be leveraged on your next run, but if you abandon your mission, the tower will assimilate all those goodies, getting stronger in the process.

I'll be frank: I'm sick to death of roguelikes by now as it's a fairly obnoxious genre to begin with, and more often than not it's an excuse for lazy developers to feed a handful of art assets to some procedural algorithms and let them crank out what passes for a game. That said, the premise and theme of Black Future 88 is tantalizing and I'm curious to see what kind of following it picks up in the speedrunning community later this month.

What we're playing

by: Randy -

Ex Obsidian and BioWare developers hit their $600,000 crowdfunding goal to make an adventure musical. Li “VKLiooon” Xiaomeng became the first woman to win the Hearthstone Grandmasters Global Finals. And China just set a 90 minutes a day, until 10 p.m. rule among young people.

This is what we’re playing.

Russell Archey
Most of my time will be spent hopping between Destiny 2 and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. This week is Iron Banner week in Destiny 2 and I'm trying to do my best to stand with the wolves, though honestly I have gotten much better at Crucible over the past several months to where I think I can competently complete the triumph to finish all Iron Banner bounties with all three classes in a single event...or at least I'm going to keep telling myself that. As for Mario and Sonic, I recently got the chance to check it out for a review and I haven't played any of the Olympic games since the 2014 outing, and I haven't played any of the Summer outings at all, so I'm really looking forward to this one.

Eric Hauter
After a year away, I have been spending quite a bit of time getting reacquainted with Firewall: Zero Hour. This caused me some immediate discomfort, as it has been a while since I've engaged in any first-person VR games. Pro Tip: If you don't keep up with VR gaming, you lose your VR legs. My first session ended with me lying in bed with a hot water bottle pressed to my stomach and the covers over my head. Under advisement from Gaming Nexus's John Yan, I took a dose of Dramamine for my next session, and was comfortable the entire time. Comfort did not, however, prevent me from getting my face shot off.

I've also been poking around at the Dragon Quest free demo. I still haven't reached the end of the demo—so I still haven't paid to unlock the full game. But it's coming. I can feel it in my bones.

Randy Kalista
With the launch of Death Stranding, The Discourse will soon reach fever pitch. It's a game I think about a lot. When I'm traversing the interlocking basalt columns of The Outer Worlds, I'm thinking of Death Stranding's equivalent to the Giant's Causeway. When I'm building globe-spanning biomes in Planet Zoo, I'm thinking of Death Stranding's Icelandic calendar shoots. Even when I'm flipping rad beats in Incredibox, I'm thinking of Death Stranding's arid and surreal indie pop soundscape. Is Death Stranding for you? I sure don't know. All I know is that it's probably the most for me video game I've played all year.

Rob Larkin
While I am back in Destiny 2 as a pastime, I think this weekend I want to concentrate on finishing off Shadow of War. I just love that style WB Games presents and have been very pleasantly surprised by some of the plot twists in this sequel in Shadow of Mordor. I was just in for some fluid combat and Lord of the Rings fantasy and am getting significantly more out of this game, but now it's time to push through the last bits of story and battles to lock down that platinum trophy and move on. I'm eyeballing a new game purchase or two for Black Friday which will definitely include Breath of the Wild. So while I won't be jumping into Link's world just yet, I really need to make sure my plate is clear before I do.

Worth noting I'll also be playing heaps of The Elder Scrolls: Legends whenever I can grab a game on my iPad or iPhone. Just love that game. It's the CCG that's been missing in my life since I get fed up with Hearthstone's toxic community and artificial metas years ago. I've got a long way to go with TESL as I grind out the gold to just finish buying the expansions and card sets, let alone really start looking at crafting high end decks. But it's a lot of fun throughout the process.

John Yan
Well, I don't have much game time this weekend, but I think I'm getting close to the end of the single-player campaign in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare so I'm going to look at finishing that up. It's been a fun ride and one of the better single-player campaigns for the Call of Duty series that I've played. If I have some free time I'll probably do some more scouring about in 7 Days to Die.

The Plant Cultivation Update has arrived in Green Hell

by: Kinsey -

What's a jungle without plants? Any gardeners playing Green Hell will be happy to know that a bright new world of plant cultivation has opened up for them. 

This update has added a number of new gameplay mechanics, including:

  • Farming: 15 plants are available to be cultivated, whether it’s seeds harvested from fruit or shoots of bamboo replanted in your garden space.
  • New Constructions: Build the new planting box and small planting box for all your camp farming needs.
  • Fertilizer: Some items can be used as fertilizer for a happier, healthier garden. Plants are able to grow without it, but they’ll grow much better with a little fertilizer.
  • Seeds: Harvest seeds from the fruit you find in the wild to cultivate back at camp. Once planted, plants will respawn fruit.
  • Green Thumbs Only: Plants don’t just survive. They need a little bit of care and attention! Proper hydration and fertilizer are imperative to happy, healthy gardens.

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters enters Steam Early Access

by: Sean Colleli -

Headup and Devespresso Games have announced that The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters has entered Steam Early Access. The sequel to The Coma: Recut, this game continues the Korean survival horror formula of the first game, by mixing in visual novel elements and crafting. Devespresso have also improved the AI of the game's nemesis character Dark Song, making her more devious and intelligent than ever. As Sehwa High student Mina Park you'll have to evade detection, craft items and explore the familiar yet twisted Sehwa district to survive the nightmarish supernatural affliction affecting your hometown.

The Coma 2 is set for a full release in Q1 2020, and you can check out the reveal trailer below.

Nintendo leads its Black Friday deals with a Mario Kart 8 bundle

by: Sean Colleli -

The shopping days until Black Friday are steadily ticking away, and Nintendo has a host of discounts that will hit on the apocalyptic shopping day after Thanksgiving. Their headliner this year is a Nintendo Switch bundled with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for $300, with Joy Con bundles running for $60, which is 20 bucks off the regular MSRP. Getting a new Switch means tempting games to go with it, and Nintendo is slashing the price of several popular titles to $40. These include Zelda Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Party, Splatoon 2 and Octopath Traveler.

You can hit the break for the full list of discounted titles and items. This is a pretty good opportunity to pick up the redesigned, cooler-running Switch with a longer-lasting battery, now that they've refreshed to the revised "Mariko" Tegra X1 architecture across all Switch hardware SKUs.

Alwa's Legacy is now live on Kickstarter

by: Russell -

A while back I made a post about Elden Pixels's Alwa's Awakening hitting the Nintendo Switch (it has also hit other consoles since then). If you haven't played it yet I highly recommend checking it out.  If you have played it and enjoyed it, you'll be happy to know that Elden Pixels is making a sequel called Alwa's Legacy for the Nintendo Switch and Steam and the Kickstarter for it is now live. The trailer looks amazing and to back it you only have to plop down roughly twenty-one dollars for a digital copy Steam or the Switch (there's an Early Bird tier until around 4:00 AM EST Saturday morning that will also get you a second key for the Steam version for the same price). There are other tiers to back that will get you perks such as a access to the beta version, a soundtrack, and even art prints signed by the creators. The Kickstarter will run until 3:58 AM EST on December 5th and the game is slated for launch in April 2020.

NOTE: The game will actually be released on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and GOG, but the Kickstarter rewards only give codes for the Switch and Steam versions.