Fortnite sucked into black hole - halting gameplay

by: Carter -

If you tried to power up Fortnite today, you were probably a bit stunned by the result. In what appears to be an ambitious marketing effort to revitalize the game's narrative, Epic Games has suspended Fortnite play for the time being - as the game has been sucked into a black hole


There have been mixed reactions thus far, as you'd expect. Some are frustrated by the inconvenience - and it's not clear when the next act of this show will occur. But, as a third-party observer who doesn't play the game, I'm a big fan of the tactic.

Way to shake things up, Epic Games. 

Dark Devotion coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 later this month

by: Carter -

The Arcade Crew recently announced that Dark Devotion will be joining new platforms later this month. After initially releasing on PC earlier this year, the side-scrolling action RPG will be available to play on Nintendo Switch and PS4 on 10/24/19. 

The date was revealed within a new gameplay trailer showcasing the game’s haunting, intricately detailed world and its tortured inhabitants. Check it out below:


Special Ops trailer released for Modern Warfare

by: Rob -

The trailer for Special Ops, the 4-player co-op mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now and embedded below. In this iteration of Call of Duty, Special Ops has been reimagined as a series of interconnected operations against a consistent threat. Stike teams of 4 will band together to try and complete objectives and tie everything together with the over-arching Modern Warfare storyline. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases October 25th. More info on the Special Ops mode can also be found on the official Activision blog:

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Free trial weekend on now for Mortal Kombat 11

by: Rob -

 It kicked off yesterday and is running through Monday, Mortal Kombat 11 is free to play on PS4 and Xbox One. This free weekend includes:

  • All multiplayer game modes
  • The first two chapters of the Story mode
  • The full base game roster of iconic characters
  • Preview of recently added Kombat Pack fighters within the Towers of Time mode, including the T-800 from the Terminator: Dark Fate film crossover along with Nightwolf and Shang Tsung

You will need a PS Plus subscription or Xbox Live Gold to play the multiplayer online portions but you can download the trial and enjoy the single player content without them. Player progress in the free weekend will carry over if you purchase the full game. If you decide to make that purchase, the game is also 40 percent off in the PlayStation Store or the Xbox Marketplace during the trial. 

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A discussion of World of Worldcraft's evolution

by: Nicholas -

I remember the first time I ever encountered World of Warcraft. It was during elementary school, and I was sleeping over at a friend's house, and he let me watch him play the game. I can't remember the exact name or context of what was happening, but I do remember that there was a giant blue guy with a lot of mobs that my friend was attempting to defeat. 

My friend told me that this guy was basically God. Not the Judeo-Christian God, but certainly a god in some sense. When my mom came to pick me up in the morning, I told her about it, and she was surprised, to say the least. This was a time when my family and I still went to church and were expressly religious, so needless to say, I never played much of the game. 

But just because I never played the game doesn't mean it passed the world by on my time. Having grown into a $10 billion revenue stream over the years, a lot of people love it.

But as any game that goes on over a decade, things are bound to change. With the announcement of World of Warcraft Classic two years ago, but it's release just over a month ago, it's interesting to see where the game will go. 

This is the basis for a conversation on the game by Folding Ideas, a video essayist focusing on a bevy of pop culture items. 

Moons of Madness arrives on PC October 22nd, PS4 and Xbox One in January

by: Sean Colleli -

Funcom's "Lovecraft on Mars" horror title Moons of Madness has a new trailer and a release date. The game will arrive on Steam on October 22nd. Console owners will have to wait a few months, as the game isn't set to launch on PS4 and Xbox One until January 21st 2020.

Moons of Madness might seem like an awkward mashup at first, but horror and scifi go together like chocolate and peanut butter, and H.P. Lovecraft himself pioneered early concepts of science fiction and he basically invented the cosmic horror sub-genre. The trailer looks promising but a lot of horror games follow a tired formula these days. They're basically jump-scare roller coasters, which isn't exactly scary; a horror game needs agency, the ability to screw up and make mistakes but also to fight back in some fashion. Most importantly, it needs danger, a distinct lose condition. Hopefully Moons of Madness is more than just a pretty, spooky ride when it launches in a couple weeks.

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So, what are you playing?

by: Randy -

The Writers Guild of America is scrapping its Outstanding Achievement in Video Game Writing award. As a decade draws to a close, sites are listing their favorite video games of the last 10 years. And here are some tips for carving video game characters into your jack o' lanterns

So, what are you playing?

Eric Hauter
Having just completed my first run of Concrete Genie for review (spoiler: I liked it), I've gone back in for a second run to clean up any collectibles I might have missed and wrap up a bunch of trophies. I doubt I will platinum the game (I don't do that), but I did notice that a lot of the trophies come down to "paint this thing on the wall with this other thing." For example, during my first run I painted two rainbows on the same wall, which popped a trophy entitled "What does it mean?" I kinda feel like if there were an award for clever trophy names, "What does it mean?" might win it.

I've also begun my second playthrough of Pig Eat Ball, the weirdo puzzle-arcade hybrid I've been championing since it appeared mysteriously in my Steam library last year. Pig Eat Ball releases on console (all of 'em) next week, so I thought I would give myself a refresher before I once again launch my one-man publicity campaign for the game

Randy Kalista
Children of Morta had me at hello. All I could do was stare at its drippy-wet pixel art backgrounds and imagine the convo around the dinner table every night from a family of heroes saving the world from the evil, bad, chaos-belching mountain. I mean, how weird is it that family is often the last thing on a video game's mind? So, I'm looking forward to the entire family tree's adventures. John the warrior dad, the bard daughter Linda, the assassin brother Kevin, the oldest son monk Mark, Lucy the firestarter, and brawler cousin Joey. They're the Away Team. While mother Mary, Uncle Ben, Grandma Margaret, and Grandpa Adam hold down the homestead. I mean, it's one thing when a D&D-style party of adventurers "all meet in a tavern." But it's a whole other ballgame when the party is entirely made up of close relations. Because Where There's Family, There's Baggage. I'm trademarking that.

Nicholas Leon
It’s going to be more Skyrim Remastered for me this weekend. I’ve completed the main quests for the Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLC and reached a point where I was able to respec my perk points this week. Well, I dialed up on my stealth, but neglected to fill in any magic skills. Ha. It’s funny how something as insignificant as that can get under your skin when trying to role play a game like this, but I found myself sincerely regretting it. Well, I think I should have about 200+ levels to go, so I think I should be good.

John Yan
All glory that be, 7 Days to Die Alpha 18 has arrived and I'll be spending this weekend playing around and seeing what changed. I think I've already got a good handle on some of the combat changes and looting seems buffed up a lot. I'm enjoying exploring and carrying around my trusty junk turret to watch my back when I don't have anyone else on the server.

If Gears 5 has finally loaded, I'll pop in and start the single-player campaign. It'll be nice to see how the story continues as I enjoyed 4.

Castle Woodwarf now available for free on Steam

by: Eric -

Castle Woodwarf, a new base-buliding title from indie developer Domo Games, is now available on Steam, 100% free.

If you are anything like me, the first question that comes to mind is how to pronounce the game’s title – is it Woo-Dwarf, or Wood-dwarf, or possibly Wood-warf (which is much like Wood-dwarf, but ever so slightly different).

Regardless of how you say it, Castle Woodwarf looks like a cool little pixel-art strategy title. Players hire a series of dwarves (that appear to be of the “Santa” variety) to gather resources and food. Here is some copy from Castle Woodwarf’s Steam pages, which explains matters better:

“Castle Woodwarf is a fun strategy and base building game in which you must build a thriving dwarf community and gather resources, food and materials. You have a simple camp and you must collect lumber, food and gold so you can purchase new upgrades.

Hire a Fisher dwarf who will automatically travel to water and fish for food, or hire a Lumberdwarf who will chop down trees for wood. You can also collect these materials and food with a gather dwarf.

Food is the most important resource and all your workers constantly eat fish so you must provide a steady supply. Underneath your settlement in the caves below your dwarves guard a precious dragon egg. This egg helps defend your settlers from invading monsters and you must protect it at all costs. As you progress you can upgrade your workers and other aspects of your settlement to improve your resource collection etc. Try and manage your resources carefully and build a strong community!”

This looks like just the sort of game that I would start on a Sunday afternoon, and then end up playing obsessively for a while. There is an interesting scoring dynamic in play; you don’t simply try to beat the game, you try to beat the game and get a high score.

Castle Woodwarf already has a Positive rating on Steam, with most players seeming to enjoy the brevity of the experience. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of monetization model for Castle Woodwarf, so it might be worth a look just for that alone.

The next batch of Superstars have been revealed for WWE 2K20

by: Nathan -

A few days ago 2K began the yearly roster reveal for WWE 2K20 and today they have released a new batch of Superstars including new additions Mia Yim and Matt Riddle making their WWE games debuts. 

You can check out the full roster and their official renders on the WWE 2K20 website. 

WWE 2K20 launches on October 22nd for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Main Roster NXT / NXT UK / 205 Live Legends / Other 
Zack Ryder Tyler Bate Trish Stratus 
Tyler Breeze Tony Nese Stephanie McMahon
Titus O'Neal Shayna Baszler  Shane McMahon
Taimina  Shane Thorn Scott Hall
Sin Cara Roderick Strong Ricky The Dragon Steamboat
Scott Dawson Pete Dunne Razor Ramon
Sarah Logan Oney Lorcan Mr. McMahon
Ruby Riott Noam Dar  
Robert Roode  Mike Kanellis   
Rezar Mia Yim  
R-Truth Matt Riddle   
No Way Jose    
Mojo Rawley    

Want to find some fish? Got a Game Boy?

by: Russell -

Back in 1998 Bandai released the Pocket Sonar for the Game Boy. Yes, a sonar device that can find fish that works on an original Game Boy. Sadly it was only released in Japan and there was also a version for Bandai's own portable gaming system the Wonderswan. If you want to know more about this odd little Game Boy accessory, The Gaming Historian Norman Caruso's latest video not only talks about the device but he actually tests it out to see if it can really help find fish.