Yes, The Last Guardian WILL make that December 6th release date

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Some said it would be delayed again. Others believed it would never see the light of day. But today. Today is the day we get confirmation the game will be out this year.

Shuhei Yoshida tweeted out that The Last Guardian has gone gold. Yes, it's ready for mass production and to be in your hands. It's been a long, long road for this game to see the light of day, but it will finally be available on the PlayStation 4.

It was originally dated for the 2011. Then later in 2011. Then 2016. It looked good for October of this year. Well, maybe December of this year would finally be it. Ah ha! That's the one. 

Well, I know what I'll be doing on December 6th. I can't wait to play this game and if it's half as good as Shadow of Colossus, this will be my game of the year.

Festival of the Lost returning to Destiny

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Destiny is bringing back its fall holiday celebration "Festival of the Lost" starting on Tuesday, October 25th until November 8th! Participate in multiple quest lines, an exclusive quest line found in the Iron Temple, and be sure to check out the new social space in Rise of Iron. Seek out the Treasures of the Lost for new gear, masks, emotes, consumables, and much more. View the official trailer for the Festival of the Lost below!

Amnesia: Collection on PS4

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Ready to get scared? The release of Amensia: Collection has been announced for PS4! Instead of the traditional jump-scares and cut-scenes, the Amneia games force players to explore and survive the darkness while trying to fight insanity. The Collection will include all three Amneisa games: The Dark Decent, Justine, and A Machine for Pigs. Amensia: Collection will be available on November 22nd for $29.99.

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One week until the remastered Skyrim (with mods!) comes to consoles

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One week to go before The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition. Incidentally, that puts us in the window of its fifth anniversary, too. Oblivion was just okay, Morrowind secured a spot in my Top 10 For Life, but I can't imagine a gaming landscape today without Skyrim.

I can't wait to head into Skyrim – Special Edition with its thicker, warmer sunlight, its dynamic depth of field, its enhanced reflective surfaces, and just its overall remastered-ness. Not sure what race and class I'll run with on this playthrough. Maybe I'll make that (inadvisable) Orsimer mage do better things this time. An Argonian warrior, perhaps? Why not a Nord thief? I like playing Elder Scrolls on hard mode, apparently.

Get to the 0:30 mark in this video to start seeing new gameplay footage that hasn't been rehashed since the first gameplay trailer.

Skyrim – Special Edition brings its remastered fus-ro-dah to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Friday, October 28.

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Small Radios Big Televisions needs to adjust its VCR tracking

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Here's one more snippet of glitch-adventure-puzzler-platformer (?) Small Radios Big Televisions, a game that's in contention for Most Indie Band Sounding Name for an Indie Video Game. Visually, it's also up for an award in the Best Upcycling of Fez's Sound & Vision But Taking It Further so Don't Stop There category.

This new gameplay trailer jumps back and forth between Small Radios Big Televisions' 2D and 3D worlds; from the sprite-like to the polygonal. The fabric weaving together both ends of this graphical journey is: the music. At least from what I can tell. You can listen to one of the tracks for free right now, "Tundra," on Bandcamp. It's that sweet, sweet retrowave stuff that should be the soundtrack for any and all indie game documentaries made in the 2010's.

Have another look. Everything seems all clean and straightforward at first. Then it feels like someone starts unspooling the VHS tape out onto the sidewalk. If the VHS tape was your small intestine. I'm starting to feel a little disturbed by it, yeah. But I think that's the point.

Small Radios Big Televisions has just over two weeks to go, launching on PS4 on November 8.

Harmonix having a DLC Launch Sale for Rock Band Rivals week

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With the launch of Rock Band Rivals in the books, Harmonix has been doing some good for the community and offering sales on some of the previously released DLC.  This week, we are getting 30% off three bundles (seen below) from 10/18 – 10/24.  That is a ton of songs to add to your library if you don’t already own them at a nice discount.

30% Off the following DLC Packs:

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival Pack 01- Was $19.99, on sale next week for $13.99
  • Foo Fighters Pack 03 - Was $6.99, on sale next week for $4.89
  • My Chemical Romance Pack 01 - Was $5.49, on sale next week for $3.84

Civilization VI entire soundtrack available for stream on Youtube

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The team behind Civilization VI have given us another nugget to chew on with the release of the games entire soundtrack for free streaming. This nugget being the amazing music compositions we can expect to hear during game time. The composition is superb, and the mechanics in the game make fantastic use of the amazing music. Different songs will be added to the players track list depending on whom and when they meet another faction. This means if you meet the English during the Ancient Era, songs pertaining to this will be added into your track list somewhere. Also, the music itself is beautifully composed.

KHHAAAAAAANN!! Bridge Crew delayed until next year

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One of the games I was really excited about this year was Star Trek: Bridge Crew. To be able to play a part in controlling a starship and to be able to do it in VR was a pretty fun concept for me. Originally slated to be out this year, Ubisoft has announced that the game will now be delayed until March 14th, 2017.

While disappointing, I'm hopeful the delay will make the game better and more polished. By then we'll have two systems with motion controllers on the PC so we'll have a nice player base on that side. 

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be out on the PC and PlayStation 4, hopefully, next March.


Red Dead Redemption coming to PC via PS Now

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Playstation are enabling players to stream the PS3 copy of Red Dead Redemption to your PS4 or PC via PS Now. You don't need to own a PS4 just a PS Now subscription.Unlike Xbox One users PS Now members will NOT need to purchase the last-gen game to play it, just grab a subscription. Subscriptions come as low as $9.99 a month for PS Now. Pretty reasonable. Both Playstation and Microsoft have been making efforts to add members of the PC gaming communities to their sales audiences. Nintendo not so much. With Red Dead Redemption 2 looming on the horizon that is next year, now would be a good time to git your fix of the Wild West and all its beauties and dangers.

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Stellaris: Leviathans spotlight video

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Paradox Interactive also released a spotlight video for Stellaris: Leviathans story pack that outlines some of the new in game features. Martin Anward, Stellaris' game director, talks about the reclusive Enclaves, mysterious Guardians, and the potentially world-shattering War in Heaven. Stellaris: Leviathans is now available for PC.