The Xbox One Fall update is here

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If you haven't downloaded the latest edition of the Xbox One update, a new video has released detailing the finer points of what's changed.

Among the talking points are new navigational tools called blocks. Blocks can be made of friends, games, Xbox Live Gold, or Game Pass. While not exactly like the slides of yesteryear, they are a prime example of the new update's emphasis on easier navigation.

The guide has also been updated, allowing for a one-stop-shop of sorts to allow for easier jumping off points to let the player get to where they need to go quicker. 

Here's the video:

Forza 7: Update - Where's the beef-y tires?

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Most enthusiasts for driving and cars picked up Forza Motorsport 7 at its onset and for the most part the game has been overwhelmingly good. One question begs for an answer for all of these enthusiasts - Where is the content?

Forza 7 has a bunch of content that still - after some 20 days - is still not available to customers. This raises the question of "Why sell games that are not 100% ready for launch. Well Forza has an answer and it is that there isn't enough population to make the other content work. However, at this point, I believe there are plenty of players to fill the necessary spaces for sales.

The auction house, absent since Forza 4, would make a huge difference for players who have a need cheap car, a special one not typically available, or just have some cars to sell. Missing that makes the purchasing of the expensive prize crates all but impossible. There isn't enough money from the races to purchase other cars AND the crates as well. Also, the mod packs do not bring in the return they should. If you buy $90k of mods, you should expect a $30k return on them, but instead, there ends up being one you cant use well, or a couple that is for XP only and you end up breaking even or making less than $10k. The Forzathon would also help this greatly as the challenges would give cars, money, and gear for less cost.

I understand that it has only been a few weeks, but I think this is content that should have been up much sooner. Even if there is 20 cars in the auction house, that is still more available then none at all. And if the reason is that Forza isn't ready... then the game should have been postponed.

Kinda like Wendy's selling a double bacon cheeseburger... with one burger and no bacon til the next time you come in. So Forza... where is the beef??

Death isn't so gross in A Mortician's Tale

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You've probably heard of body positive and sex positive before. They're terms that call for an acceptance of what, in the past, social norms forced people to be ashamed of. Well, in respect to these positives, A Mortician's Tale calls for a death positive conversation.

In quiet, contemplative form, you move the mortician through fishbowl levels. Receive and prepare dead bodies for burial or cremation. Read some don't-let-anybody-else-read-this emails. Talk to people visiting the funeral home. Hear their happy and sad stories. 

The game is reportedly short, linear, and lacks meaningful choices. It may be helpful to approach this as more of a visual novel. But it's refreshing to see a depiction of what happens to a body after it dies that doesn't involve weird, comically horrific, Halloween-costumed freaks auditioning for Dante's Inferno. This is at least a topic-broadening discussion about our relationship with death, and the "western death industry."

A Mortician's Tale launched on PC yesterday, October 18. It's the first game from Toronto-based indie studio Laundry Bear Games. Cute fact: They're named after the English translation for the Swedish word for raccoons—laundry bears.

A new story trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II is here

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One of the few things lacking in the previous game will get a major emphasis in the next one as Start Wars Battlefront II will feature a single player campaign from the Empire side of things. You'll be taking on the role of Commander Iden Versio after the Emperor falls. 

Now, will Iden come to the Rebellion side of things or will the story stay rooted in the Empire side, that's to be determined. What we do know is this story is cannon and it looks like not only Luke will show up, but Maz Kanata from The Force Awakens will as well.

Star Wars Battlefront II arrives on November 17th, 2017.

Spelunker's legacy lives on in Spelunker Party! on Switch

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If you want to talk about long video game legacies, it's hard not to mention Spelunker. Released on the Atari 8-bit series of home computers back in 1983, it's barely younger than Mario and has been rebooted and re-released a number of times. Its latest descendant, Spelunker Party! is landing on Nintendo Switch today.

Spelunker Party! preserves the original title's addictive gameplay--exploring caves, nabbing treasure, avoiding animals and hazards--but gives it an coat of chibi paint and tosses in four player co-op. Each player can also befriend a pet companion and equip customizable gear. The game lands on Steam today too, but I think the real draw is the portable aspect and local multiplayer that Switch enabled. You can pick it up here and check out the launch trailer below.

Nintendo Switch 4.0.0 system update adds video capture, save transfer ability

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The Nintendo Switch's OS and features continue to evolve with the latest firmware update, version 4.0.0. The standout feature is video capture; by holding down the capture button you can seamlessly record 30 second clips of gameplay. You can even edit and cut them later, and post them online via Twitter or Facebook. I predict a huge upswing in disastrous Breath of the Wild gifs, and a resurgence of Luigi's Mario Kart 8 death stare.

The update also, finally, lets you transfer save data and player profiles to another system. Naturally this wipes all profile data, eShop purchases and save data from the previous Switch and moves it over to the new console, but it's a badly needed feature. If your Switch gets broken or bricked, or you and a significant other have been fighting over a single console until you could afford to buy another one, you can now preserve and transfer everything from your old Switch without having to send it away to a Nintendo repair center.

Full update details are here, and the trailer below details the video capture features.

Pokémon GO releases Ghost-types for Halloween

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Pokémon GO is summoning a slew of Ghost-type monsters; just in time for Halloween Pokéwalks. For a limited time, Pokémon such as Sableye, Banette, Drowzee and Ghastly will be out on the town in force. Some of these Pokémon hail from the Hoenn region, ahead of a December release which will feature even more of that region's monsters.

On top of catching hordes of Ghost Pokémon, players will also be able to catch a witch hat wearing Pikachu, their avatars will have the option to dress up in Mimikyu's Disguise Hat, and Candy earnings will be doubled.

Make sure to take a stroll between October 20th and November 2nd to be a part of the ghoulish fun!

Cities: Skylines adds Green Cities DLC

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I'm a sucker for anything sustainable. Seriously, don't say the words "vertical farming" anywhere in my vicinity unless you want a documentary-length lecture on the subject. That's why I might have to jump back into Cities: Skylines for the new Green Cities expansion.

For $12.99 you can outfit your metropolis with electric car charging stations, desalination plants and glass pyramids paved over with greenery for sucking all that nasty CO2 out of the air. You can even take things a bit more authoritarian by enacting combustion engine bans, but I'd prefer that my citizens come around to the green way of thinking without heavy-handed government sanctions. Check out the trailer below for more info, and grab the DLC here.

Nintendo Download 10/19/2017: Just Dance Warriors

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This week's Nintendo Download brings the highly anticipated Fire Emblem Warriors, another take on the classh Musuo hack n' slash genre with one of Nintendo's beloved franchises. Pre-release buzz has been good for this one, and if it's anything like Hyrule Warriors, it will at least be a satisfying guilty pleasure. Also on Switch this week is Just Dance 2018, Ubisoft's annual reminder that the Wii era never really left us.

It's gratifying to see so much content headed to Switch; it's getting Syberia this week, Spelunker Party!, The Mummy Demastered and the "we swear it's not 2000 AD please don't sue us" top-down shooter JYDGE. Even early in the Wii U's life with the hype train stilling rolling it was scarcely getting a trickle of content for its eShop, so Switch's embarrassment of riches here is a good portent of solid third party content to come.

Hit the break for the full list of digital titles this week, and links to sales on the Switch, Wii U and 3DS eShops.


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Warhammer Vermintide 2 announced for Q1 2018

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Polish up your battleaxes and reload your crossbows, because the horde is incoming again. Fatshark has announced that Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is scheduled for a Q1 2018 release. Fatshark have analyzed countless hours of gameplay from the original Vermintide to deliver the most finely-tuned hack and slash co-op experience the studio can muster. The sequel will feature 5 characters and 15 career paths, an improved loot system and of course a wide range of new maps. The original Vermintide was a runaway hit so I'm happy to see Fatshark evolving the formula that worked so well the first time.

You can preorder the game here on Steam and save 10% off the launch price, which also gives you access to the pre-release beta and the upcoming Death of the Reik DLC for the first Vermintide. Check out the trailer below for a first look at the sequel.

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