Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered gets its launch trailer

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Call of Duty 4: The Best One  Modern Warfare Remastered got a launch trailer today, and I must say, it looks fantastic. I'm generally against the constant influx of remastered classics, but I can't help but be excited about a chance to go back to Chernobyl.

The last month or so has been something of a retro Call of Duty throwback on the Xbox One; Call of Duties 2, 3, and 5 have all been made backwards compatible very recently. If you want to marathon the series in anticipation of Modern Warfare, you can do it all from the comfort of your Xbox.

Remember, sadly, you must preorder Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to get access to Modern Warfare Remastered. The community backlash to this fact has been so strong, however, that I would not give up hope just yet for a chance to buy it on its own.

Lost Odyssey, Toy Story 3, and Guwange coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility today

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Three more games are now backwards compatible on the Xbox One: Lost OdysseyToy Story 3, and Guwange.

The biggest of those titles is definitely Lost Odyssey, a 2008 JRPG that has been long requested for backwards compatibility.

Toy Story 3 was a bit of a surprise hit, both critically and commercially successful in 2010.

Guwange is a game I had personally never heard of, but upon some research discovered it was a very popular arcade game from 1999 that was ported to the Xbox Arcade titles in 2010.

Pre-order Dishonored 2 to play a day early

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Pre-ordering seems a risky proposition these days. It's nice to be rewarded for doing so, and this is the kind of reward I can get behind. Bethesda has announced that pre-ordering Dishonored 2 will get you into the game a day early.  Dishonored 2 is set to release on 11/11/2016 but those pre-orders are going to get in on 11/10/2016 (or 10/11/2016 for the Europeans). Got it? Good. Now enjoy the new trailer.

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No Man's Sky is under the scrutiny of the Advertising Standards Authority

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Well it seems the space chickens have come home to roost. After a formal complaint by Redditor AzzerUK, the United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority is taking a long hard look at Hello Games and their ad campaign for No Man's Sky. AzzerUK feels that Hello Games presented false advertising for No Man's Sky and wants the ASA to ascertain whether customers were deliberately lied to or not.

I will admit I've had a bit of a tart tongue regarding Hello Games and No Man's Sky. That said, no one can deny that the game we were sold and the game we got had some pretty glaring disparities. Features up to and including fully simulated solar systems, giant alien creatures that realistically interacted with their environments, functioning interstellar portals and especially multiplayer were promised all the way up to a couple months before the game shipped. Not only that, but the trailers still being used to advertise the game on Steam show features that are nowhere to be found in the actual game.

It doesn't help that Hello Games has been pretty quiet on social media for over a month now. Ostensibly they've been scrambling to push out bugfixes as the game was pretty much broken on PS4 and PC at launch. The team's Twitter has put out some patch notes here and there, but director Sean Murray's silence about the state of the game and any vague future content is not improving the studio's checkered reputation.

If the ASA finds that Hello Games inaccurately advertised the game, they could mandate that any offending ads could be pulled. Regardless of anyone's personal feelings or disappointment with No Man's Sky, this kind of inaccurate developer-generated hype for a product is a disservice to customers and must have consequences. It happened to Gearbox and Aliens: Colonial Marines, it happened to Rocksteady and Batman Arkham Knight. Hello Games and No Man's Sky should be no exception.

Source: PCGamer

Combat in Vampyr can be brutal, if you want to play it that way

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The more developer Dontnod talks about Vampyr, the more excited I get. The 1918 supernatural thriller puts you in the shoes of reluctant new vampire Dr. Johnathan Reid, as he struggles to understand his new condition and fight the post-WWI influenza epidemic at the same time.

According to these new screenshots, Dr. Reid can get pretty ruthless in combat. Using traditional melee and ranged attacks slowly fills Reid's Blood Gague, and once it tops off he can execute vampiric spells such as impaling enemies on spikes or draining them of blood at range. I'm glad they're including the supernatural aspects of being a vampire; these guys can turn into bats, after all.

Of course, combat doesn't have to be so grisly. Reid will be tempted to make himself more powerful by feeding off hapless civilians, but doing so also makes the world of 1918 London a much nastier place. This mechanic reminds me a bit of the "chaos" level in Dishonored.

Vampyr will release sometime in 2017 and I can't wait.

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Wrath of the Machine exotic weapon - Outbreak Prime

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Remember that awesome pulse rifle we saw in the trailer, Outbreak Prime? The one that looked like Dennis the Menace took artistic licence to the Sleeping Simulator? Members of the community have collaborated to successfully compile and analyse the elaborate method to obtain Outbreak Prime. The exotic raid weapon is obtained through a series of obscure tasks and objectives. The good news is that currently it drops at the max damage cap of 390 and when it attacks an enemy repeatedly, it releases SIVA nanites which attack other enemies. Fallen take bonus damage. Below is probably one of the easiest videos to follow pertaining to the exotic. Kudos to the community for figuring it all out so quickly.

Black Ops 3 mod tools available for PC players out now

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Treyarch have released mod tools for PC owners of Black Ops III. The release follows the closed alpha testing and allows players to join servers with other players whom have mods activated. Players can search and install mods through the Steam workshop. With the release of the new mod tools for Black Ops III also comes the Radiant level maker and asset property editor. With the release of Infinite Warfare looming Treyarch have yet to confirm if mod tools will be available for the new release coming in November. I think its a fantastic step forward for the community and could yield some fresh experiences, especially with the enticing 50% off Black Ops III on the Steam.

Here's the first 20 minutes of Gears of War 4

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Did you forget what's happened on Sera? Don't worry as Gears of War 4 has you covered. The beginning of the game takes you through three key points in the history of the series.

There's securing the Hammer of Dawn, Emergence Day, and the Locust's seige of Anvil Gate. None of these have been in the game before so it'll be fun to experience some key events that were referenced to in past games.

The third game had you playing through a prologue and the fourth one will as well as you get to experience these events through eyes of a new character. October 11th, just a scant two weeks away, will be when you go do this all for yourself.

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Get a closer look at Mafia 3's deadly arsenal in a new trailer

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Mafia III is just around the corner, and to tide you over, 2K released another trailer today, detailing Lincoln Clay's potent and varied armory.

Ranging from the classic mobster weapons you'd expect to slightly more militaristic, Vietnam-era weapons, it looks like there will never be a shortage of things with which to enact your revenge.

You can watch the trailer for yourself below. Mafia III will be out October 7th.

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Check out this Falls Count Anywhere match between Sasha Banks and Bayley in WWE 2K17

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WWE 2K17 is a few shorts weeks away and Russell Archey's hands on preview of the game went up today. It seems like the curtain has fully gone up as tons of other videos and previews have been posted as well and one of those would be from Youtuber Smacktalks, who does an amazing job each year with his coverage of WWE 2K games.

Smacktalks has uploaded a full 16 minute match between Bayley and Sasha Banks. This match was also a Falls Count Anywhere match so we are able to see tons of mechanics including break outs, crowd fighting and backstage brawls in action. Man, I was happy that crowd fighting was back but I didn't realize just how large the areas are where you can fight in the crowd. The backstage brawls looks great as well.