These guys destroyed the NBA through a hilarious NBA 2K19 experiment

by: Nathan -

Years ago SBNation ran an article called "NBA Y2K: The Death of Basketball" where they went into NBA 2K14's My League mode and simulated over 20 years of NBA seasons. They created 80 players all with the worst stats possible and fed them into the game.

As the current players and the legends started retiring, the game populated the teams missing slots with these players until all that was left in the league were some of the worst players possible. This of course had hilarious results that saw the NBA Finals ending with a score of 3-0 after 12 over times, Barack Obama still President after 20 years and a draft class of players that couldn't even beat an elementary school team. 

While a joke, the final video showing the rotting corpse of the NBA ending with an empty arena while "I Hope You Die" from Wye Oak plays is both hilarious but actually pretty sad and emotional at the same time. I actually felt like I was watching the final season of the NBA ever. 

Well the guys from SBNation are back at it again and this time they are doing with a new series called "The Fumble Dimension". In the first episode they take NBA 2K19 and with the same idea as before, try to destroy the NBA by creating a draft class of 150 players all with the lowest stats possible and an overall of 40. They start off with their created player named "Stupid Crap Face" and then copy his stats onto every player in the draft class. They also decided to give Stupid Crap Face food poisoning and a bloody nose. Why? Because it was funny. 

After simulating through years of NBA 2K19 the hilarity begins as the current players start retiring and the crappy players start filling the voids. This time around however, NBA 2K threw them a curve ball. It was as if the game knew what they were doing and tried to stop them by the game introducing their own created players with overalls of 60-70 or so and slotting them onto teams that were having trouble.  

As the NBA once again reaches its inevitable demise by only the crappy players being left, they decide to play the final game of the experiment which leads to a hilarious game of Basketball where everyone is 5'3 and are missing just about every shot and pass possible. 

Check out the first episode of The Fumble Dimension below. 

We finally know what to make of Disco Elysium only one month before launch

by: Randy -

If you'll pardon the ASMR whispering in the video, this Disco Elysium trailer finally gives me an idea of what the heck Disco Elysium is even about. First off, it's a fantasy-fiction detective RPG, which throws me for a loop from the beginning. I mean, I'm attempting to break into this whole "urban fantasy" genre by reading Roger Zelazny's The Chronicles of Amber. Though I'm not going to pretend like The Lord of the Rings and Dick Tracy naturally go hand in hand in my mind. But hey, what are we here for if we're not here to see something new once in a while?

So, now that I've got a handle on urban fantasy, let's take a look at that name, shall we? Disco Elysium. Kind of awesome, right? I get what Elysium is getting at. It's part of Greek mythology's afterlife. It's located in the western ocean at the end of the earth, and Disco Elysium will, at some point, get you from the streets to the beaches. Your main and sideline detective missions take place within a city called Revachol, which doesn't roll off the tongue at all until you take it to an anagram de-scrambler and hypothesize that Revachol can also be rearranged to spell "cholera." Just kidding. It's missing a "V."

You play a disgraced lieutenant—trust me, the guy looks like a scumbag—where corruption runs rampant, murders go unsolved, "and the kids just wanna dance." I guess that's the disco part of Disco Elysium. Your skill set is purportedly pretty unique, digging into your innermost feelings, doubts, and memories, as opposed to, say, reloading your gun 10% faster or whatever boring nonsense a run-of-the-mill RPG would come up with in its place. And it looks like you can go Renegade or Paragon during your playthrough. You can be the good cop or the bad cop. Or both, perhaps.

I don't know, color me curious. If nothing else, I'm absolutely okay with the very painted-looking backdrops. Like, you can almost see the oil paints drying on the canvas on these scenes.

Disco Elysium hits the dance floor on October 15. We might have to get a closer look at this one for review.

GTA Online turned six and I played it for the first time ever—it's not bad!

by: Randy -

Yesterday was Grand Theft Auto Online’s 6th birthday. I played it for the first time ever. Hadn’t even bought Grand Theft Auto V until a couple days ago, so this is my first foray into a GTA since 2008’s Niko Bellic immigrant ballad, GTA IV. 

I only played vanilla GTA V long enough to drive Lincoln to the barbershop and get him looking like a ‘93 Ice Cube. Fool, You Know How We Do It. Everything feels just fine in GTA Online, control-wise. I kept looking for a handbrake button on the car so that I could drift through intersections, but I haven’t found one. I stumbled across the tuck-and-roll maneuver while looking, though. I’d forgotten just how easy it is to jack cars. Makes sense, I suppose, considering the name of the game is Grand Theft Auto. But it’s so quick and painless, as natural as shooting is in a first-person shooter. It’s like calling Halo or Call of Duty the Pull the Trigger series. Thefting autos is just that easy and inherent to the flow of gameplay in GTA.

After carjacking, robbing mini-marts is the second most natural motion in GTA Online. My mentor in the tutorial, Lamar Davis, who looks like Jay-Z before the Jigga, taught me how to pull a 211. What my mentor, Lamar, didn’t mention, however, was that you don’t turn your back and run out of a store—unless you want the back of your head full of buckshot, that is. My subsequent robberies kept my gun trained on the cashier the entire time, until I pushed my way out the door. Then! Then I make a break for my black-and-tan Imponte Ruiner (the one that imitates my childhood dream car, the IROC-Z Camaro).

I took my ill-gotten wealth and headed for a clothing store. I quickly learned that most pieces of clothing cost $10,000 to $20,000 more than I had in my pocket. I’d have to knock off a few more Quickie Marts before I’d be pimping that grandpa fur jacket. I snagged a brown leather suede jacket and baggy enough jeans to give away the fact that I’m a ‘90s kid. I’m only vaguely concerned that the type of eyeglasses I wear have both the words “tortoiseshell” and “enema” in their name. I wanted to look more Starsky & Hutch, but left the store looking more Cagney & Lacey. 1970’s clothes are affordable, but it ain’t like TMZ is hitting me up for fashion do’s. 

Whatever. I was still broke after that visit to the clothes shop. Making money is the means, but looking good is the ends. So, in this era of threatened government regulation over loot boxes, I drove down to GTA Online’s new casino with Kendrick Lamar’s “A.D.H.D.” bumping on the radio. Thank God it’s early Kendrick. His late-stage jazz rap doesn’t speak to me. 

At the casino I was given a VIP tour. Dude gave me the rundown on a resort home I couldn’t afford, and told me a bunch of other stuff that got lost in the diamond waterfalls and icy LED lighting. I handed over my last $500 to become a member, which I think was required, though I’m unsure. I walked over to the Lucky Wheel because it was the first thing I saw, spun it, and won its highest cash prize, $50,000. 

Not bad. But, to be honest, I don’t have a gambling bone in my body, so I walked out and headed back to the clothing store. Like the great rapper-philosopher Big Boi of Outkast once said, “It’s not what you make but how much you spent.” So I took $22,000 of my gambling win and bought that grandpa leather fur jacket. It’s like I said, money is only the means.

Also, look at this handsome devil. This is what you dress like (before you win a $50K shopping spree), and it's what you look like if, on the "heritage" section of the character creation screen, you make your mom a Filipina and your dad John Marston from Red Dead Redemption. It's quietly hilarious. Forget the 1,001 sliders jammed into every other RPG's build-a-character screens. Adjusting your player-character's looks based on your parents is a brilliant mechanic I absolutely wasn't expecting to find here.

A first generation Pokemon will finally evolve this November

by: Russell -


Recently people began to speculate over a pixelized image of a new Pokemon that looked like a bird with a leek in its hand similar to Farfetch'd from Pokemon Red and Blue, possibly even being an evolution. As it turns out they were correct. Meet Sirfetch'd, a new fighting-type Pokemon that will be exclusive to Pokemon Sword.  While not specifically stated this is most likely a long-awaited evolution for Farfetch'd. This also asks the question if Pokemon Shield will get an exclusive new Farfetch'd evolution or even an evolution. For another Pokemon altogether.

Amnesia: Collection now available on Nintendo Switch

by: Carter -

Horror fans rejoice! One of the world's scariest video game experiences can now be played in the palms of your hands. 

Frictional Game's survival horror series, Amnesia, has been released on the Nintendo Switch. Amnesia: Collection includes Amnesia: The Dark Descent, its expansion Amnesia: Justine, as well as Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Check out the "intense" Switch release trailer below.

Cat Quest 2 bounces onto Steam September 24th

by: Sean Colleli -

The original Cat Quest was a refreshing, bubbly little action RPG filled to the brim with cat puns and lighthearted adventure. Now developer Gentlebros are upping the ante with the sequel, Cat Quest 2. This game explores the ongoing and incredibly fluffy conflict between the cat kingdom of Felingard and the dog domain of the Lupus Empire. The adorable quarrel comes into sharp relief, as the kings of both realms are forces to work together on a quest that spans both realms.

What this means for gamers is even more bouncy and cute action RPG gameplay, that can be experienced solo or in local co-op. The game is headed to Steam on the 24th, with a somewhat vague autumn release penciled in for PS4, Xbox One and Switch. What isn't so vague is that plenty of cat and dog puns are in store.The reveal trailer is below.

Bleak Sword looks like it crawled out of an OG Game Boy

by: Randy -

Devolver Digital still has an impeccable eye for neo-retro styling. The latest to join Devolver's publishing library is Bleak Sword, developed by More8Bit. Despite its name, More8Bit goes more for a 2-bit look and style. You're a sword-swinging knight caught up in dark fantasy dioramas. You'd expect these scenes to be static back in the day, but Bleak Sword has the three-dimensional depth of more modern mobile gaming. And this poor fella is up against some Witcher-looking monstrosities—the kind with antlers and red eyes that stumble all angry out of the forests of Bavaria.

Bleak Sword takes place across nine chapters, where you're hacking and slashing anything and everything moving through the woods, swamps, castles, and dungeons along the way. There's an emphasis on elegant controls where you're rolling, parrying, attacking, and counter-attacking with movements suitable for gamepads and touch controls. Jim Guthrie of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP fame composed the soundtrack.

Bleak Sword is coming to Apple Arcade, no release date yet.

NVIDIA bundling Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for a limited time with their RTX cards

by: John -

NVIDIA's been showing off the RTX tech on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare coming out October 25 with some spectacular results. The game looks mighty good and I've got some high hopes for it.

If you're going to pick up a NVIDIA RTX capable card, which includes the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, 2080 SUPER, 2080, SUPER 2070, 2070, SUPER 2060 or the 2060, you'll get the newest Modern Warfare for free. That's a good game to try out on your new card.

While the PlayStation 4 beta happened last week, PC gamers can get into the beta starting September 19th. For those with RTX cards already, you'll be able to see some awesome ray tracing in the game.

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Check out Stone Cold Steve Austin's entrance in WWE 2K20

by: Nathan -


Another entrance video was released for WWE 2K20 and it's for the one and only, the GIANT (Global Icon and National Treasure) Stone Cold Steve Austin. It looks like he got a brand new entrance this year as well. The only thing that is weird is that they are still using his old titantrons when he has gotten new ones for his most recent appearances. 

WWE 2K20 launches on October 22nd for PS4, Xbox One and PC. 

The Sinking City floods into the Nintendo eShop with its launch trailer

by: Kinsey -

Listen, I have my own set of thoughts about Lovecraft and the type of guy he was, but you can't deny the influence he's had on his genre; he's got his own adjective, for god's sake. And for sure, that influence shines through in games like The Sinking City. If you wanted to spice up your Switch with some good old fashioned deep water horror, then you're in luck, since it's in the Nintendo eShop—and we here at Gaming Nexus want to offer up the launch trailer exclusively for your sampling. 

Our own Randy gave the game a 7.4 when he reviewed it back in July, balancing its pros with its cons and still coming up with an overall pleasing experience. A detective game with a heavy-handed dose of Cthulhu mythos, The Sinking City will have you navigating through, well, a sinking city, and solving the horrific and supernatural mysteries that you encounter. And now that it's in the eShop, you can take Cthulhu's passionate and unbridled desire to kill all of humanity wherever you want.

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