Nyko launches two charging solutions for Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch has passable charging solutions for its controllers out of the box, but there's always room for improvement, right? Nyko Technologies has always offered solid charging solutions for various controllers--during the Wii and Wii U's lifespan, Nyko's tech was routinely above and beyond the utility and quality of the official Nintendo offerings. Nyko aims to continue that trend with Nintendo Switch.

Nyko has just released the Charge Block Pro and Joy Con Charge Block respectively, each for $19.99. The Charge Block Pro allows you to dock a Switch Pro Controller using a proprietary clip-on dongle, while the Joy Con Charge Block lets you juice up four Joy-Cons at once. Because these peripherals are part of Nyko's Charge Block line, you can connect up to four of them for charging off of a single USB 3.0 power supply. You can even connect your Switch Charge Blocks to a PS4 or Xbox One Block! Check out the video and press release for more info.

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Part 1 of IGN's roster reveal for WWE 2K18

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Part 1 of WWE 2K18 roster was revealed on IGN today. Almost 50 Superstars were revealed including Superstars from Raw, Smackdown, 205 Live, NXT and of course some Legends. The reveal I was most excited about is that the entire SAnitY group from NXT will be in WWE 2K18 and we even got to see a brand new 4 man entrance with SAnitY and it looks fantastic. 

Now with all of these reveals, the one thing people like to do every year is look for clues about who else might be included in the game. Crowd t-shirts are a good example of this. In the video at 1 minute, 20 seconds, you can see someone in the crowd wearing a Bobby Roode t-shirt, which means there is a good chance that the glorious one himself could be in the game. 

Video courtesy of IGN

Raw Smackdown 205 Live NXT Legends
Bray Wyatt Dolph Ziggler Akira Tozawa Hideo Itami Bushwacker Luke
Dean Amrbose Sami Zayn   Eric Young  Bushwacker Butch 
Kalisto  Baron Corbin    Nikki Cross Alundra Blayze 
Cesaro Sin Cara    Sawyer Fulton Lita
Sheamus Jinder Mahal    Alexander Wolfe  British Bulldog
Karl Anderson Connor   Killian Dain Buddy Roberts
Luke Gallows  Viktor      Diamond Dallas Page
Emma Brie Bella     Big Boss Man
Paige Nikki Bella      Mark Henry 
Summer Rae  Luke Harper     Andre The Giant
The Big Show Eric Rowan     Diesel 
Braun Strowman       Kevin Nash
Goldust        Dusty Rhodes 
        The Undertaker
        Bret Hart 
        Bam Bam Bigelow

Shooty Fruity gives you some action as a checkout employee

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Here's an interesting looking VR coming later this year. nDreams is looking to combine Job Simulator with a wave shooter. Shooty Fruity has you scanning items being sold, but you'll have to fend off some mutant fruit.

Guns will come on by as well as other forms of weapons like grenades and you'll not only have to scan items as they come at you on the conveyor belt, but fend off killer fruit. It looks pretty silly and seems like a nice little VR game to pass some time in. 

No word on the release date or pricing, but it should be coming soon.

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New Escapists 2 trailer now includes escapes from transports - road trip!!

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Despite the fact that I have yet to successfully escape a prison, or perhaps because of it, I'm excited to report that prisoners (well, prisoners smarter than me) can now escape from prison transports, presumably before ever getting to an actual prison.

Team17 and Mouldy Toof Studios have a new Escapists 2 trailer that gives a quick taste while (sadly) not providing any hints or clues for ways to enact such an escape.

The new trailer showcases 3 of the 10 prisons within the game, which share a unique twist, all 3 are different types of prisoner transport vehicles! Inmates will need to act quick and employ their stealth skills if they’re to escape the new timed prisons, which feature a variety of transit methods for the pixelated prisoners including:

Cougar Creek Railroad

Locked up on a hurling train chugging across the Cougar Creek Railroad, you and the vultures overhead know what fate awaits once this train reaches the end of the line. If you plan to see another sunrise you’d better disembark by whatever means necessary.

H.M.S Orca

Onboard the H.M.S Orca you’ll find a pity of prisoners who are being shipped off in droves to a remote island far, far away from civilization. Not keen on being marooned, you’d much prefer to find a way off the boat before you stand about as much chance as a fish out of water.

Air Force Con

Meanwhile in Air Force Con, you better fasten your seatbelt! Only the most hardened of criminals get an entire plane during the escort phase. One thing’s for sure though - it’s a one-way-ticket, so you’d better act fast before landing.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus has some great satire of those darn Nazis (and us)

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Here's a clip from a sitcom set in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. It's a propaganda-tinged TV show that reinforces lessons that the Reich drives into its subjects' thoughts. Honestly, it's not unlike all those 20th Century sitcoms that tried to tell people how families should behave, which were complete and total fantasies anyway. 

Kill virtual Nazis on October 27th, 2017.

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Here it is, Call of Duty: WWII's private beta trailer

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You know what it is. A video showcasing Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer. It's bloody, it's detailed, it's well-lit in some locations, but, what I noticed is something that I haven't seen in some time. It seems like the movement might actually be paced slower, as opposed to what Call of Duty has been in the past.

I won't complain, as the last title I played was Modern Warfare 3 (I understand the irony of me critiquing the movement of a game's multiplayer mode that I have not played habitually the last few years, but bare with me). But I'll get to that movement stuff later. First, let's dissect this thing. 

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As has been said before, this game's setting is very much the European Theater. So no Sgt. Roebuck carrying a machete in the sweaty jungles of Peleliu (but correct me if I'm wrong) this time around. No. Instead, we see western European fields and cities, burnt and bombed to smithereens. We see snowy urban outposts, possibly the Ardennes Forest, since the Battle of the Bulge is supposed to be a major setpiece of the game. The trailer promises "iconic WWII locations" and we see what looks like a major Nazi installation at one point. 

Another standout in the trailer are the uniforms of the soldiers. We see ghilly suits, gas masks, Oxford-type looking outfits, snow-covered fatigues, and of course, the drab gray of the Germans. The point of the uniforms is that it looks like players will have substantial customization options, which is a refreshing experience.

In terms weapons, we see a sniper rifle (not sure if it's Kar 98 or Springfield) a Panzerschreck, an M1 Garand and Carbine, a healthy-sounding shotgun, a molotov cocktail, flamethrowers, Thompsons, Stens, MP40s, STG-44s, and an M1911 pistol. Oh, and bayonets covered in Nazi blood and guts.

Surprisingly, we also see inside the cockpit of a plane as its roaring down, attacking a bridge crawling with opposing soldiers. In another sequence, we see a bombing run on the destroyed German city where the Nazi installation lies smoking. To clarify, I say Nazi installation because I haven't seen many Russians in this video, which makes me hesitate to make the call that it's Berlin or the Reichstag.

 We also see another replay of War Mode, a mode Patrick played at E3.

As I said earlier, the aspect I noticed was actually the movement of the players. The wall runs and speed boosts seem to be gone. This is good. It meshes with the developers' stated goals and shows that, on the surface, players are getting a bit of a return to form for Call of Duty

But here's the thing.

We've seen this before. 

I played this game in 2008. Call of Duty: World at War was a serious and fun game that thoroughly satisfied my hormonal rage, as I'm sure this trailer will for many people. Besides War Mode and possibly the inclusion of planes, though, this game looks to be offering nothing new. I won't lie, it does look very interesting, and it's clear that they've gone to work on the multiplayer. But these aren't just superficial changes, these are superficial retreads, as World at War had gory, violent multiplayer as well. That may not be far enough. 

This trailer wasn't about the campaign, so I won't go too far into this. But the last time this game evoked true feeling was in 2007. You know which one I'm talking about. That title's writing had thought behind the words. Sure, it was an interactive action movie, but it had some brains. Before and after that, we've seen steely-eyed men get grilled by bullets over and over again, but there hasn't been much thought put into it. I'm not a betting type, but just because the characters have blood and mud underneath their fingernails, doesn't mean that it'll be thoroughly thought through in regards to the meaning meant to be brought out. 

Call of Duty: WWII's private beta begins on August 25th on PS4. September 4th for Xbox One. It releases in full on November 3rd.

The WWE 2K18 roster reveal begins tomorrow on IGN

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It's that time of the year again. Time to start the WWE 2K hype train. 2K has announced on their Twitter that their yearly roster reveal will begin tomorrow on IGN. No word yet on what time. 

Now the only problem I have with this is that at this point in the WWE series, I feel like we don't really need a roster reveal anymore except for Superstars that are going to be making their debut in this years game. We have finally gotten to the point in the series where almost the entire current day WWE roster makes it into the game. While I am excited about the reveal, I fear its going to be something like John Cena, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Sasha Banks and Stone Cold being announced. Come on, we know they are 100% going to be in the game. 

That said, the yearly roster reveal is always exciting. I remember in years past I, along with other WWE games fans would anxiously wait the roster reveal to see who and who wouldn't make the roster. In the Smackdown vs. Raw era, there were always current roster superstars who would, for whatever reason, just be left out of the game. The Uso's were a good example of that. I think it was like three years in a row they wouldn't be in the game. 

Check out the 4K trailer for Destiny 2, courtesy of NVIDIA

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The console owners had their chance, and starting on August 28th, PC gamers will finally get their chance to try out Destiny 2. Those with Early Access can play the open beta 24 hours before everyone else with the Beta ending on August 31st.

NVIDIA has put together a trailer in glorious 4K to show off what the game can look like if you have a powerful graphics card like the GeForce GTX 1080. It's running at a buttery 60 frames per second and if you have a pretty capable gaming PC, this trailer will really whet your appetite. will not be changing its name

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Hey, remember when Blizzard announced that they would change the service's name from to Blizzard? Me either. Maybe because it didn't seem to stick in my mind and well, most people I know was just going to call it anyways.

It seems as though Blizzard has thought the same thing and they are not going to change the name of their service. is here to stay with a slight change. It will now be referred to as Blizzard Ok.

I thought trying to rebrand to just Blizzard was rather silly and something that didn't really needed to be changed. I'm glad Blizzard rethought this decision and that the name will just continue on as if nothing happened. 

SteelSeries has a new mechanical keyboard in the APEX M750

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Looking for a new mechanical keyboard that looks to be durable and features some cool lighting effects? SteelSeries has you covered. Today, they announced the availability of the SteelSeries APEX M750.

The APEX M750 has what are called QX2 linear mechanical switches for fast and accurate actuation. Each key is individually lit and you can get pretty fancy with your lighting effects with SteelSeries Engine. Things such as chat notifications from Discord can be visually seen now with reactive color lighting on their products, such as the APEX M750.

For $139.99, you can pick up one right now. Having used a great deal of SteelSeries products in the past, this one looks like another solid offering from a great company.

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