Dag Nabbit! That darn "Red Dead Redemption 2" done got delayed 'til 2018

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Howdy partners. Looks like Red Dead Redemption 2 has been red dead delayed until 2018, because that's what happens when Rockstar Games announces a title's release date.

In a press release, Rockstar says it's the first game they're building from the ground up for the current generation, and so "some extra time is necessary to ensure that we can deliver the best experience possible for our fans." Darn it, *spits into a bucket* darn tootin, raggedy dang, darn. What in tarnation.

The company went on to apologize, saying:

“We are very sorry for any disappointment this delay causes, but we are firm believers in delivering a game only when it is ready. We are really excited to bring you more details about the game this summer. In the meantime, please enjoy this selection of new screenshots from the world of Red Dead Redemption 2.”

Check out the screen shots in the press release. They're purdy. Yeehaw.

Spike Chunsoft reveals details of the early access version of Fire Pro Wrestling World

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Man am I excited for this! Fire Pro Wrestling, the greatest wrestling game series in my opinion, returns this summer on both PC and PS4 with Fire Pro Wrestling World and Spike Chunsoft has given us the first details on some of the features included in the early access Steam version of the game.  

Unfortunately no solid release date for the game has been given just yet. 

Offline Play 

  • Exhibition: Single match with specific rules.
  • Tournament: Single-elimination tournament with up to 32 wrestlers.
  • League: 8 wrestlers per bracket with up to 4 brackets. (This is similar to NJPW's G1 Climax show)

Match Types

  • Normal Match
  • Tag Team
  • 6 Man Tag
  • 8 Man Tag
  • Mixed Tag Match
  • Cage Deathmatch - Win by escaping the cage or pinning your opponent
  • Barbed Wire Deathmatch - The ring ropes are replaced with electrified barbed wire that explodes upon impact
  • Landmine Deathmatch - Landmines are set around the ring. If someone is thrown outside the ring, the landmines explode for massive damage. You can also set the landmines to go off at a fixed time.
  • Gruesome Fighting - 3 minute rounds fought in a 12 sided ring for MMA style matches

Battle Royal 

  • Normal: Eliminated wrestlers are forced to leave the ring.
  • First Win: First pinfall wins the match.
  • Endless: Eliminated wrestlers stay in the ring and continue to fight.
  • Over-Rope: Any participant that is thrown over the rope is eliminated.
  • Timed: The match starts with two wrestlers and other participants enter at timed intervals. (Royal Rumble)

Title Match

  • A mode to determine who is worth of holding your custom belt

Mission Mode 

  • Single-Player mode geared towards teaching you the ropes. Geared towards new players who need help to learn the grappling system and controls

CPU Matches

  • Not technically a mode but you can set all participants in the match to CPU and watch simulated matches

Online modes 

  • Everything listed above but only 1v1 matches will be supported at the launch of early access with more being added over time 

Edit Mode 

  • Create custom wrestlers, referees, teams, rings and championship belts! Workshop support makes it easy to share your creations. (Spike Chunsoft states that more info about Workshop support will be revealed at a later date)

New Modes / Features

Overhauled Edit Mode

  • Now each body part supports up to 9 texture layers for deeper customization.

Move Rename 

  • Since you can customize every other facet of your wrestler, it’s only appropriate that you can now also rename their signature moves

Exchange Blows

  • That classic back-and-forth contest of fighting spirit where wrestlers take turns trading hits until one (or both) of them falls.

Okite Yaburi

  • Japanese wrestling term that implies a blatant diregard for the law. In the west we’d say “Move steal.” Once per match, you’re allowed to use your opponent’s finishing move against them in the ultimate sign of disrespect.

Run into the ring 

  • Now you can run and slide into the ring to keep the action flowing.

Rope Escape

  • When you’re in a submission hold, hold R1 to inch towards the rope in hopes of a rope break.

New Moves 

  • In the ten years since the last Fire Pro Game was released, the sport has evolved and hundreds of new moves have been invented. Fire Pro Wrestling World plans on incoporating tons of those new moves including the Twisting Pull Down Face Buster (Sister Abigail) and the Pole Shift Flowsion and the Turning Short Ranged Lariat 

Teaser for Far Cry 5

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Far Cry 5 is coming, but today we are only getting a small teaser. The teaser below sets the stage for the next game, which is Hope County in Montana.

So it sounds like this will be the western theme that's been rumored. We'll get the full look this Friday as the full trailer is marked for release on that date. In the meantime, check out this announcement teaser.

Destiny 2: Countdown Impressions

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At the end of my first Countdown round, my team and I made a pact: That we would never, ever play together again. Sure, we had the excuse that this was our first time playing Destiny 2's new Crucible mode, but the lack of teamwork and skill was completely inexcusable. I'm not going to name names in this case, because that would be wrong, and because I didn't get the names of the other three people on the team. 

Performance aside, Countdown is an interesting new multiplayer mode. The gist is that there are two bomb locations on the map. One team is responsible for defending the spots while the other team tries to plant the bombs. Once the bomb it set the offensive team must defend it until it explodes. Each round is worth one point and the first one to six points wins. 

Each team is limited to four revives, and power ammo is limited to the person who acquires it. The most important thing to know is that teamwork is a must. You really have to commit to working together as it was easy for the other team to tear us apart once our team got separated. This seems obvious, but watching a few other matches showed that even having a really talented player on the team wasn't enough to stop good teamwork.

The map was really well-designed with multiple paths to the bomb sites. There are a few places where you could try to flank the opposing team, but there weren't any major choke points to block, and the bomb sites weren't super easy to defend. To be honest, the map felt a little bigger than I would have expected for 4v4, but the openness forces teams to fully commit attacking/defending one bomb site or dividing up to attack/defend both. 

Time to kill (TTK) for opponents seemed to be a bit higher than I remember it. I've seen some other people mention it, but as you can see from the gameplay footage below, killing opponents takes a lot of work. Then again it also might be my lack of talent.

I dug my time with Countdown and I'm interested to see what the community does with this game mode when the final game ships.

New info for Nintendo Switch's ARMS and Splatoon 2's Single Player from this past week's Nintendo Direct

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This past week saw a new Nintendo Direct for the upcoming game ARMS. All it took for me to be sold on the game was the first couple of glimpses back before the Switch was even launched, but now we know a bit more info about the game.

To start with, after choosing their character a player can then equip two different ARMS: one on the left and one on the right. These range from things such as standard fists to boomerangs to missiles and can provide offensive and defensive options. ARMS can also have different attributes of which there are seven: fire, electricity, wind, ice, stun, explosion, and blind. Weight is another important factor in determining performance as it affects momentum, so keep that in mind when selecting your ARMS. More powerful ARMS might be slower to compensate, much like faster ARMS might not deal as much damage. Finally, as you fight through the game you'll earn in-game currency that you can use at the ARMS Getter to use your skills to earn new ARMS as well as upgrade the ones you already own.

There are several Versus Mode options in ARMS such as traditional one-on-one fighting, two-on-two Team Battles, and even V-Ball, similar to volleyball only with an explosive ball. In multiplayer you can go through Grand Prix where you have to win ten straight matches to face a final opponent to be crowned ARMS champion, Party Match where you can join an online lobby and battle with up to three other ARMS players at a time in the lobby (one lobby can hold ten systems, but with two people per system you can have up to twenty players in a lobby), as well as Ranked Matches and Local Wireless Mode, the latter of which lets eight players, each with their own system, join an in-game lobby and battle similar to Party Mode.

In the future, Nintendo will release free updates to ARMS that contain new characters, stages, and ARMS. In addition, during the weekends of May 26th - May 28th and June 2nd - June 4th, Nintendo will offer an ARMS Global Testpunch, similar to the Splatoon and Splatoon 2 Global Testfires where players can check out the game beforehand. All you have to do to participate is download the Global Testpunch demo in the Switch's eShop before the trials begin.

One more thing of note, though not ARMS related, is that Nintendo has also released some info concerning Splatoon 2's Single Player mode in the form of the Squid Sister Stories. Head on over to the Splatoon website to check out what's going on with the Squid Sisters leading up to Splatoon 2.

Continue on to the official press release to learn more about ARMS features and characters.

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Destiny 2 PC impressions

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I'm not going to lie, I was really looking forward to playing Destiny 2 on the PC. As someone who grew up on PC first-person shooters, it always seemed odd that Destiny wasn't available on the PC at launch. 

At the reveal event, I had the opportunity to play the PC version of  the first mission—which was featured during the live stream—as well as one of the new strikes. How was the experience?

The short answer: Good.

The longer answer: Really. Damn. Good.

Playing Destiny 2 with a keyboard and mouse felt weird at first as I struggled to learn the keys. The three types of weapons are accessible via the top row number keys. For some reason, using the mouse wheel will only swap you between primary and special weapons, ignoring heavy weapons, which will hopefully be fixed in the final game. Your powers are mapped to F, G for grenade, and E handles the melee attack. Everything else (reloading, sprinting, and jumping) is where you would expect it to be if you've played a modern shooter.

It was nice to bump up the sensitivity a bit and make it feel like a proper PC FPS. The accuracy of a mouse and keyboard is readily noticeable. Sniping, headshots, and tight shots are all much easier to pull off. If you are worried that the game is going to feel like the PC Port of Halo, you have nothing to worry about. The game plays and feels like any other PC FPS.

The demo ran on high-spec PCs (i7 7700k CPU with a 1080 Ti GPU) showing off the game's 4K beauty at a crisp 60 frames per second. The PC version will be uncapped, while the console version will be limited to 30 FPS. PC is the version to get for the best, but not necessarily cheapest, Destiny 2 experience.

The only negative is that Bungie hasn't committed yet to launching on PC simultaneously with console on September 8. Hopefully we'll get clarification on the final date soon, as the PC version might be the definitive Destiny 2 experience.

HDR is coming to Halo Wars 2 in the next patch

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It's a good day for high definition entertainment. First, Amazon announced 4K streaming, and now Halo Wars 2 announced that it will be getting HDR in its next update.

The game will be getting HDR in the PC version and Xbox One version, provided you have the required hardware.

The patch is coming with much more than HDR, however, and you can read the full patch notes right here.

As of today, you can watch Amazon Originals in 4K on the Xbox One S

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If you've gotten on board with the Xbox One S, you can stream Amazon's original shows in 4K on the Amazon Prime app as of today.

While that seems like a pretty limited selection (and honestly, it is), it's still a good sign of the times. 4K is the new HD, and it's nice to see content providers gearing up for when everyone has 4K TVs. Netflix has been streaming 4K for a while now, so Amazon joining the team is a good omen for the future.

You can read the official Xbox post here.

Destiny 2 wrecks everything you know and love in about nine minutes

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Nine minutes. In all of nine minutes, everything changes in Destiny 2. The Last City? Gone. The Tower? Gone. Your vaults? Super gone. If you've been a Destiny player since 2014—even if you are a filthy casual, like me, and joined late—then the video you're about to see could be hard to swallow. In one hard-hitting assault on the Tower and the Traveler, the one safe space you've known is about to go down in smoke and up in flames.

Yesterday's reveal showed some snippets of gameplay. But today's video is an uncut assault of what the opening minutes of Destiny 2 will look like. You might not be as confident as the developer gripping the mouse and keyboard on this one (after all, they're frighteningly practiced already), but this is some intense combat footage. I'm picking my jaw up off the floor right now. It shows off that renewed focus on storytelling and cinematics that Bungie is promising in the sequel. This new enemy, the Cabal Red Legion, are monsters on the battlefield, even as the developer puts each of them down with apparent ease. But man this opening is crazy. And to think all this leads up to that "Last Call" trailer from a couple months ago, the one where good ol' Nathan Fillion is trading war stories with no one in particular at the bar.

Destiny 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 8. But you know the deal by now: pre-order and you'll get that sweet, sweet early access. Publishers know how to pickpocket that wallet.

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What We're Playing: The Long Journey Home to Destiny 2

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Diablo III blew out five candles on its birthday cake this week. The New York Times takes a look at the $148 million—as well as the concerns—raised by Star Citizen. And Madden 18 cover star, Tom Brady, says he isn't afraid of the Madden curse.

What are you playing?

Sean Colleli, Staff Writer, @scolleli
I'm feeling nostalgic so I'm going to replay Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the best Star Wars story told since Timothy Zahn wrote the Thrawn Trilogy in the early '90s. That is, I'll be playing it if I can get the damned thing to run. My copy on GOG locks up as soon as I try to start a new game. Any suggestions from readers or the GN staff are greatly appreciated!

Dan Colonna, Staff Writer,
I made my way through most of Uncharted 4 when it came out, but suddenly stopped. At this point, my "no spoilers!" warranty is way expired. I know I'm close, so finishing Uncharted 4 is the only logical next step. "I will finally beat Uncharted 4." There, I said it. Now, I have to execute!

For my commute, I've been slowly working my way through Pokémon Omega Ruby, in order to gain access to some of the wonderful end-game legendary Pokémon. All in the name of catchin' 'em all!

Charles Husemann, Editor-in-Chief, @chusemann
The Destiny 2 reveal has gotten me back into the game a bit, so I'm planning to dive back in to wrap up some missions I missed, and maybe even check out the Crucible for a bit.

I'm also hoping to spend some quality time with Elite Dangerous in VR this weekend. I'm still struggling with the switch from a gamepad to a HOTAS, but hopefully more time will help that.

Randy Kalista, Staff Writer, @randykalista
My seven-year-old has been (politely) begging for Everything for a month now. I'd ignore her if I weren't so interested in the game myself. She'll play it for the tumbling animals. I'll play it for the British philosophizing. Together, we just might turn it into the most unlikely hot-seat be-anything game experience of the year.

A year ago I reviewed Offworld Trading Company. I dug the noncombative—though fiscally violent—strategic gameplay, along with the smart, charming sense of humor. Strangely, I just never found my way back to that financially brutal martian landscape. Now I'm returning with the upcoming Jupiter's Forge DLC. Since Offworld Trading Co. doesn't play like any other real-time strategy game in my library, I'm going through the perfectly sculpted tutorials one more time. The spreadsheets are made up of all dollars and cents, but the character written into the factions is good, good stuff.

Followed by The Long Journey Home. Talk about types of games I haven't seen before. This one has you assemble a crew, select a ship, attach a lunar rover, then set off on man's first FTL jump to another star. Oh whoops, something went wrong, and now I'm stuck on the other side of the galaxy with four thoughtfully drawn-up crew members, a top-down Sunless Sea perspective of flying through solar systems, a sidescrolling Jupiter Lander (that's a Commodore 64 throwback) when I go planetside, and a Master of Orion screen just full of alien races to approach with cautious optimism.

Rob Larkin, Staff Writer, @Rob_GN
Finally wrapped up the platinum trophy for The Last of Us, so I'm going to need something to scratch my multiplayer itch. Probably will get back in with one of the Assassin's Creed titles. I have both Syndicate untouched and the tail end of Black Flag in my library. But mostly, I think this weekend I finally head bank into the wasteland of Fallout 4. I was madly into that game just before my Destiny addiction started, and still have the final few missions to go to beat it, not to mention all the DLC and survivor mode to pick up.

Nicholas Leon, Staff Writer,
I'll be playing some more of The Witcher 3 this weekend. I'm going into Act Three, and I'm trying to build the heaviest armor set possible in the base game. One thing I've noticed is that I always pick the same ending in this game, the one where (and spoilers of course, but the game's been out for two years so...) Ciri becomes a Witcher. I think that having Geralt and Ciri together as father and daughter is a better send off for the character, providing both him and Ciri with a sort of peace.

I also finally hooked up my PS4, and boy oh boy does Uncharted 4 look like the most gorgeous thing besides fresh hot pizza. Uncharted 4 is currently my only PS4 game, but I almost purchased The Last of Us Remastered, but then decided that although the story is near perfect, I'd rather not start on a third large-scale, story driven game, and one that's kind of sad to boot. But I'll make sure to try out Horizon Zero Dawn and NieR: Automata when I get a chance.

Kevin O’Connell, Staff Writer,
Played about three hours of Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris this week.  The game has gotten very repetitive and the newer weapons are rather weak. Looking to buy a couple different games and haven't decided on which yet. Started to fiddle with Black Ops II as its been a while since I've gone through the campaign.