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The Division film lands a writer and a director

by: Chuck - - 0 Comments

The film adaption of The Division has been in a bit of a holding pattern but last week Ubisoft announced that they had signed Stephen Gaghan to write and direct the flick.  

While he may not be a household name Mr. Gaghan worked on Traffic and Syriana which are both pretty solid movies.  He also contributed to Call of Duty:Ghosts but we won't hold that against him.

I enjoyed The Division when it came out last year and I think a film adaption could work if they keep the scope small and not try to cram everything from the game in.  Maybe pick one or two of the gangs to focus on and keep the scope to a rescue mission.  Hopefully the film will fare better than the recent Assassin's Creed flick.

New details revealed for Mass Effect: Andromeda

by: Kinsey - - 0 Comments

This is a two-parter, all. Buckle up for these teensy tidbits.

Take this first one with a grain of salt, but if you're as starved for Mass Effect: Andromeda information as I am then that might not matter too much to you. Reddit user typherio recently posted that they got their hands on an issue of next month's PC Gamer magazine, which (gasp) has some new tidbits about the upcoming Mass Effect game. 

Now, assuming this person is telling the truth (and honestly, we don't really have reason to say that they aren't) here's a brief summary of what they found.

  • No more Dodge Roll. It's been replaced with a Dash, allowing for more mobile combat. You can also aim mid-jump.
  • The Paragon/Renegade system has been replaced with a "4 chat" option - head, heart, casual, and professional - so your Ryder isn't limited to pure kindness or pure meanness.
  • There are different types of planets, one type of which seems to be an open-exploration story planet.
  • Environmental hazards are a thing (think Mass Effect 1 and No Man's Sky).
  • There was apparently a team from Need for Speed involved in the design and testing of the Nomad.
  • In the Horde Mode multiplayer, you pick what class you want to play before the start of the match.

That's not all, though. This next bit comes straight from lead designer Ian Frazier and senior designer Justin Perez, who both confirmed that players will be able to craft and name their own weapons. This is the first game in the franchise where you will be able to do so, though it's not the first game from BioWare; they seem to be taking a page from Dragon Age: Inquisition's book. I'm not complaining; I can't wait to make a weapon and give it the most absurd name possible.

Mass Effect: Andromeda comes out on March 21 in North America and March 23 in Europe for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Path of Exile coming exclusively to Xbox One

by: Kinsey - - 0 Comments

Grinding Gear Games announced recently that Path of Exile, their popular online ARPG released in the olden days of 2013, is slated to make an appearance on Xbox One sometime this year.

Path of Exile is a dark action RPG with over 16 million players worldwide. Players can explore the fantasy world of Wraeclast over and over, since the levels are randomly generated for pretty much endless replayability, and choose between cooperation and competition with countless other Exiles. It is free to play, but even though it features a strong online item economy it doesn't sell items that can provide competitive advantages over other players.

You won't only be getting the base game, though. The Xbox One version will contain all five expansions as well as the new content set to launch for PC - the huge 3.0.0 expansion. Yep, the one that includes Act V. 

A solid release date has not yet been announced, so keep an eye out for Path of Exile's debut on Xbox One.

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Character details on CI games upcoming Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

by: Aidan - - 0 Comments

CI games have released details on the characters in their upcoming Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. The game will feature three snipers coming from different backgrounds, objectives and personal goals. Jon North, an ex-marine is dropp[ed into

Jon North, an ex-marine is dropped into a conflict zone in a Georgia strife with Civil War. JSOC's mission brief for Jon includes destabilizing the Separatist Leaders leading the revolt. Jon enlists the help of both Lydia Jorjadze an ex-Georgian SFB merc and Raquel Shein, a MOSSAD operative. Both of Jons partners have their own agenda's in mind when working with Jon. 

War of the Factions cross platform event kicks off January 26th

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War of The Factions is a joint effort between Ubisoft and Twitch. The event sees popular members of the For Honor community, twitch streamers, and a few lucky fans will choose a faction and wage war. Knights, Samurai and Vikings will be led by Generals leading from their respective Twitch channels. The cross-platform event is part of the hype train leading up to the big release on February 14th.

Lawbringer, Nobushi and Valkyrie. For Honor reveals three new Heroes

by: Aidan - - 0 Comments

Ubisoft has revealed a Hybrid class with 3 new Heroes to play as. Lawbringer, Nobushi and Valkyrie are a Hyrbid class which uses features from two Hero types. Each of the Heroes have pro's and cons, so it'll be interesting to see what meta team comps will come through when the game drops. The closed beta will open January 26th for both console and PC. Check out the reveal trailers for The Lawbringer, The Nobushi and The Valkyrie.

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Ubi shows off coordinated shooting in latest Ghost Recon Wildlands video

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With the release of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands just around the corner Ubi has started to release more developer diaries to help build up excitement for the game. Last week we got information about the back story of the game and today Ubi is showing off what a group of Ghosts can do in the single player portion of the game.

The video shows off a short chunk of a mission (you can view the full mission here) where a team must rescue a hostage from the cartel.  The big focus is on the use of "sync shots" where the team takes out a group of targets at once.  The demo also shows off explosive drones and some other fun toys that players will have access to when the game is released on March 7th.

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Strafe murders its way onto PC and PS4 this March

by: Sean Colleli - - 0 Comments

Pixel Titans has been slaving away on their procedural, roguelike FPS Strafe for over two years now, but the glorious release date is nearly upon us. Strafe will come to PC and PS4 on March 28th, bringing a fusion of modern procedurally-generated levels with classic Quake-like shooter gameplay. Check out the fanciful new trailer below.

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Makers of Limbo and Inside tweet a pic of their next game

by: Randy - - 0 Comments

Today, developer Playdead announced in a tweeted image that development for its next game is underway. Playdead crafted 2010's masterful Limbo [Gaming Nexus score: 9.5 out of 10], and 2016's even more masterful Inside [Gaming Nexus score: 9.8 out of 10]. The tweet states: 

Thanks for your warm reception of INSIDE. Since release, Playdead founder Arnt Jensen and the team have been working on the next adventure.

This singular concept art for Playdead's next game (pictured below) depicts a pilot stranded on a snowy mountain ridge. They're dragging a parachute backpack, looking over their shoulder in the distance at some kind of aircraft going down in a meteoric blaze. This pilot is inadequately equipped for the rigors of mountain climbing, nor dressed for the freezing temperatures at that altitude. An oversized helmet, round and smooth, gives the character a big-headed childlike quality, which is appropriate for the developer's past protagonists. I have to admit: coming of age in a Playdead game is not a great proposition. The washed-out atmosphere is stuck in a starless dusk or dawn, it's hard to tell. The palette lifts directly from Playdead's now-signature color-drained scale.

This is concept art, not a screenshot. But their artists are skilled. I have no doubt that this lovely image may be reasonably close to whatever ends up being the finished product.

The image in and of itself feels tame. That is, unless you've ever played Limbo or Inside. If you have, then you're already getting a sense of inexplicable dread just looking at this one pic. Playdead is capable of some weird stuff. The team, led by Arnt Jensen, is two in a row for crafting wordless, artisanal purgatories.

I'm shuddering just thinking about what psychological hell is being crafted for this poor sap.

There were six years between Limbo and Inside. With that in mind, I'm doing my best to cool my jets. Playdead isn't in the business of pumping out a yearly franchise. And, if Limbo is any indication, then they'll be simultaneously working on porting Inside to mobile devices in the coming years. Which is great! If that can pay the bills while they're working on game #3, I'm all for a few years of posting news on Inside finally launching on this platform and that platform. It's one of the best indie games of last year, in what was a stunning year for indie games as a whole.

So: One image later, I'm looking forward to whatever Playdead has in store, and it'll be on my watch list from now until (quickly calculates six years from now) 2022 or whatever. It's entirely possible that timeline is crunched, but I'm okay with the wait, since Playdead is now under a big, hot, indie spotlight as we speak. Take your time, Playdead. We know you'll make the time count.

Early access for Northgard

by: Michelle - - 0 Comments

Early access will be available for the viking strategy game Northgard on February 22, 2017. Take control of a viking clan that is trying to establish their village in an unknown land. To conquer their new world, the clans will have to fight against giants, dragons, and undead warriors. Early access includes resource management, discovering new territories, building settlements, and achieving victory conditions such as Fame, Lore, Conquest, and Trading.  New content is also planned to be released into the game during development including multiplayer mode, campaign mode, and two more playable clans. 

Early access is available on Steam and be sure to check out the game play video below.