Whoo! Bring it on sucker, this my kind of candy..!?!?

by: John -
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I'm sure parents are thinking what Gears of War 2 needs is a parental filter so that they can turn the game more family friendly. Well, looks like Epic's going to be doing that as MCV reports Gears of War 2 will have the option to turn the blood splatters into sparks and remove all the cursing. So, what will happen then when you chainsaw someone in half? Why don't we just replace the Strogg with happy little elves and instead of shooting them with guns the Gears throw water balloons at them instead? I don't know if turning off the blood and language will do anything to make it more family friendly though seeing as there are plenty of other violent acts that appear in the game.

Maybe Augustus Cole a.k.a. Cole Train a.k.a. Terry Tate a.k.a. Lester Speight should do what's below to those thinking of trying to clean up Gears of War 2.