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It looks like the glean has finally worn off Grand Theft Auto IV as most of us are moving onto new games this week.  GRID seems to be the popular choice although I'm going in a different direction.  Be sure to let us know what you're playing in the comments.

Ben Berry
This weekend I am going out of town for a 10 day road trip. I'm taking the laptop for work, and I'm sure I'll get some EVE Online while my fiancé is trying on wedding dresses, and some old school Playstation time in with the future inlaws, Team Bandicoot Racing is definitely in the plans.

Elliot Bonnie
Much like Randy, I am taking a break from the glory that is GTA IV and spending a lot of time with GRID this weekend. I was always a fan of Pro Race Driver and from what I have played so far... GRID is the real deal.

Sean Colleli
With finals and papers behind me, I'll be cooling off with Amaterasu in Okami, Shepherd in Mass Effect and Samus in Metroid Prime 3. I'm finally getting around to Prime 3's hard mode, and the first major boss is kicking my butt. I might get some online Smash Bros Brawl in with a good friend, and if possible join John in Team Fortress 2.

Dave Gamble
I'm downloading the GRID demo for PC. At the rate it's squeezing itself through the Intertubes, it may be next weekend that I actually play it, though.

Charles Husemann
While everyone is doing laps with GRID this week I'm going to be busting heads as Jason Bourne in The Bourne Conspiracy. I'm a few levels in and while the gameplay is a bit repetitive it's a lot of fun. I'll also be firing up Kung Fu Panda this weekend as the retail copy of the game came in this week and the girlfriend wants to see if it's as cute as the movie.

Randy Kalista
I'm escaping Liberty City's gridlock and ripping around Codemaster's GRID. And the rewind button is as brilliantly executed as it is a damage-modeling lifesaver. It's like TimeShift while shifting gears. I also want to admit from the get-go that GTA IV's rampant city-block police evasions are unsatisfactory training grounds for GRID's, uh, grids.

Matt Mirkovich
Traveling to Boston this weekend so it's going to be full of portable goodness. Believe it or not I have logged 235 hours in The World Ends With You, and I'm not stopping. I'll also be bringing my PSP and my recently purchased laptop, I've got the Battlefield: Heroes beta running so I'll be trying that out from my hotel room while I dodge the riots caused by Celtics fans.

Nathan Murray
I'm anticipating the release of the new Special Edition of Gears of War. I've wanted to own the game since I borrowed it from a friend and the special edition sounds like too good of a deal to pass up. Until it's released though it looks like I will be playing GH III until my fingers fall off.

Tyler Sager
I'm pretty much in between games right now, so I'll just be fiddling around with some older titles. I've been firing up Command & Conquer 3 a bit lately, along with some of my Stardock favorites. I've been itching for an RPG for a while, so I may pick up The Witcher or Neverwinter Nights 2 if get really ambitious.

John Yan
I won't be playing too much over the weekend but I did find my old install disk for Fallout so I might give that a try. I'm also going to try to find some time to get in some more Team Fortress 2 action.
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