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This week saw the release of Mass Effect on PC (which started on consoles) and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars on consoles (which started on PC).  Are you going for some cross-platforming action this weekend, or are you going for something with console specificity?  Maybe you're dusting off that last-gen oldie you've been swearing to get back to?  We'll tell you ours if you tell us yours.  Just kidding.  We're telling anyway.

Elliot Bonnie
After a solid month of GTA IV... I am still not done. I will also be practicing my racing skills with the GRID demo and maybe FlatOut.

Charles Husemann
This weekend I'll be playing Groomsman in my sister's wedding in North Carolina which means a lot of standing around in hot weather in a tux (which requires more skill than you'd think).  Once I get home I'll be playing a bit of Enemy Territories:Quake Wars on the Xbox 360 so I can finish up my review of that version of the game.

Randy Kalista
Sometimes I feel an urge to blather apologies if I've been plying through a game for (seemingly) too many weeks.  "Oh, sorry.  Of course I'm already onto the Next Big Thing.  You kiddin' me?"  But my dear mother used to tell me, "Don't eat something in 30 seconds that took me 30 minutes to cook."  That in mind, Rockstar had been cooking Grand Theft Auto IV for years.  This is definitely a meal I'm savoring.  My deliberate pacing didn't get me a 100% completion Key To The City -- that contest ended on the 19th -- but it's certainly unlocked its own rewards.  So yeah.  I might even go Rent Roman to savor it all even more.

Matt Mirkovich

[We count 105 "O"s in that game title, which may botch up your search engine results if you're looking for the game Matt's hollering about like a soccer announcer. -- Eds.]

Nathan Murray
My birthday is this Friday so this weekend I will be A) Getting drunk, B) playing Video Games, and C) Getting drunk while playing video games. J/K . I will be playing through a second time of Mass Effect when I have the time. Saturday Sean Colleli and I will be heading to a place in Renyoldsburg called Gamerz to cover a Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament and interview the owner of what I can only describe as a new age arcade. We've been talking about making the article a multi-part one so you guys and gals keep your eyes peeled for our fantastic (or craptastic, whatever) writing skillz.

John Yan
With my family gone for the week, I'm going to try my hardest to finish off the storyline for Niko. Team Fortress 2 is another game I am going to jump back into and try to earn some of those medic achievements. Finally, I'll continue my quest to be called up to the majors in MLB 08 The Show.
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