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Here's what we're playing this weekend.  Let us know what you're playing in the comments.

Elliot Bonnie
My GTA IV habit will be hard to break, but maybe DiRT, No More Heroes and Mario Kart can help out a little. If not... its back to Liberty City.

Sean Colleli
I'm still putting GTA IV through its paces, and while it's much better than any of the previous games, it still has some of the old problems that bug me. I'll be playing more Mario kart Wii, which is turning into a hard game to review, and then I'll continue my trip through feudal Japan in Okami.

Charles Husemann
My plans of getting an early start with Age of Conan were shattered yesterday when Gamestop informed me that my pre-order didn't get me early access to the game so this weekend will be spent playing GTA IV, Team Fortress 2, and futzing around with the preview of Kung Fu Panda Activision sent me.

Randy Kalista
When you invest blood, sweat, and tears into an MMO, one that really nails your online realm cravings, it can be hard to fathom playing anything else. Likewise, when you come up for air from MMO submersion to rediscover single-player games, it can be hard to imagine returning to the ol' massively-multiplayer cirque du soleil. I've been offline for some time now, but I'm tying a rubber tube around my arm, tapping away at the vein, and getting ready to grind the IV needle under my skin one more time with Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne: Hellbound.

Matt Mirkovich
More of The World Ends With You, the endgame for this game is extensive. I've also got Flat Out: Head On in the PSP which feels like a mish mash of Burnout and Twisted Metal. Hell it shares the Head On name with Twisted Metal. Not much GTA time as I'm in the middle of traveling, but I can't believe that ********* killed ***** with the ******** while hopped up on *********. Man that scene was intense.

Nathan Murray
I've decided that I will be trading in my titles that I just cant seem to finish to make room in my game library. I've been avoiding Lost Odyssey and Overlord and I've rented FEAR Files and Rome the first season. I am also currently playing through Skate for the second time. Why can't I quit you San Vanelona?

Tyler Sager
Still plugging away at Universe at War on my end. I might also be giving the latest GalCivII expansion, Twilight of the Arnor a whirl.

Rachel Steiner
No Grand Theft Auto IV for me, I'll be playing better things ..AKA Mario Kart Wii.

John Yan
I will be playing with Resume Maker and Job Hunter MMORPG.
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