Rumor/Speculation: Gears of War 2 to go beyond two player co-op?

by: Chuck -
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While surfing all the Gears of War 2 coverage I saw this short quote over at MTV's Multiplayer blog

It came after I asked him to define what “Gears of War” is to him, and how it differs from “Halo.” He threw out words like “co-op” and “tactical” and then he said “squad,” which prompted me to ask about the number of players that could team up in a “Gears of War 2″ mission. He looked for help.


Not something he can talk about at the moment.

While this certainly isn't proof that Gears will go beyond two player co-op it does look like that part of the game is in flux and we could see a bigger co-op experience in the game.  Given that Halo 3 had four player co-op and Resistance: Fall of Man 2 is going to have eight player co-op it's nice to think that Epic will be expanding their experience as the co-op in the first game was so well done.