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Elliott Bonnie
This weekend will be filled with the Orange Box, GTA: San Andreas, and Mass Effect. I finally finished Portal and a play through of Half Life 2, so its time to move on to Episode 1 & 2.

Sean Colleli
I rummaged through the bargain bin this week and fleshed out my 360 collection. I picked up Call of Duty 4, Gears of War and Halo 1 and Halo 2. I also managed to scrounge up an old PS1 memory card, so I'll be reviewing Metal Gear Solid Essential Collection this weekend.

Charles Husemann
I loaned Dave the PS3 so he can take a look at Gran Turimo 5 Prologue so this weekend I'll probably be playing a little more of the Battlefield:Bad Company beta in addition to my weekly stints playing Team Fortress 2.

Randy Kalista
I must confess, Sins of a Solar Empire is still strategically scratching my 4X itch ... that is, when I'm not (happily) drowning in all the Niko Bellic coverage in print and online. My wife, however, drew the line when I came home wearing fingerless gloves and a mismatched track suit, affecting a Serbian accent.

Matt Mirkovich
Been getting my brawl on lately, so that'll continue through the week. And I'm not talking Smash Brothers, I'm talking Arcana Heart. That game is a ton of fun and surprisingly deep. I've also got Mana Khemia on the way so Ill be working on that for a review in the future. Next week is going to be big with The World Ends With You and Persona 3 FES.

Nathan Murray
I've been playing through Dark Sector on the higher difficulty but haven't gotten a lot of play time in this week mostly due to the arrival of my new(used) computer. I won't be getting a lot of gaming in this weekend either since I'm going to Pennsylvania to visit a friend. Look for my review on Turning Point: Fall of Liberty on the site soon. It's a first for me!

Tyler Sager
I'm in a bit of a lull right now. If the weather turns sour, I'll be pulling up Sins of a Solar Empire and having some fun with Lego Star Wars.
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