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Elliot Bonnie
Patiently waiting for RB6: Vegas 2 this tuesday, but passing my time with Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy. I also started another run through Mass Effect with the new DLC and will surely play COD4 at some point.

Sean Colleli
This weekend will be packed with Smash Brothers Brawl, starting with a little party my friends are having tomorrow on campus. I'm going to finish up the adventure campaign, The Subspace Emissary, which is a lot like Halo in that it's great in co-op. I'll also log some hours in vs. mode and maybe venture out into some online games, then finish up with a few target tests and the last couple event matches. All told a full weekend, but Chuck might have to call and remind me to eat.

Charles Husemann
I'm going to be spending most of my time in hockey rinks this weekend as I'll be catching the Jackets on Friday night and the Miami University RedHawks on Saturday night. Between trips to the rink I'll be thinking warm thoughts while playing Hot Shots Golf:Out of Bounds, Patapon, and Army of Two.

Randy Kalista
In light of D&D Co-Founder Gary Gygax's death, I've returned to one of the latest iterations of his sprawling empire in Dungeons & Dragons Online. I'm noting that the city of Stormreach is, um, stormier ... and that the city's, uh, reach has certainly extended in its two years. I'm also trekking patiently through Lost Odyssey, a game whose most enlightening moments come out of storied flashbacks, and whose most decidedly unheroic moments come from looting countless trashcans.

Matt Mirkovich
I've got PuchiPuchi Virus on the DS (review coming soon). I'm still working on Lost Odyssey, I'm sitting outside of the final battle, ready to go, and cleaning up a few side quests. I'll have that done before the weekend is out. I've also got Condemned 2 sitting in the shrink-wrap waiting to be opened, so it can clobber me with a toilet seat...

Nathan Murray
Lost Odyssey and not much else. I've play through just about every other game I have which includes Halo 3, Gears of War, Orange Box (yes the whole thing), Assassin's Creed, GH 3, Call of Duty 4, Viva Pinata, skate and others. I'm already on the 3rd disc on Lost Odyssey and while it has been enjoyable I suspect by this time next week I will be purchasing Mass Effect so I can have something to play.
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