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Ben Berry
Sometime Sunday night I will come out of my game exclusion period of packing, moving, and unpacking to enjoy the power of Rock Band in my new apartment.

Elliot Bonnie
This weekend looks like some Gears of War multiplayer and co-op action, but I also started my journey through Albion as a hero. I missed out on Fable years ago, but I am loving this game right now. I can't wait for Molyneux to deliver Fable 2.

Sean Colleli
I'm working my way through Spiderwick Chronicles, which is a pretty average game but at least the story is interesting.  I keep getting my head handed to me (literally) in Team Fortress 2, but always come back for more.  I'm also playing Finish Final Projects, Stop Procrastinating and Study for Exams but those aren't nearly as fun as being blown to bits in TF2.

Charles Husemann
I'm fortunate enough to have received advance copies of God of War: Chains of Olympus and Frontlines: Fuel of War and I'll be wrapping both of those up this weekend.  After that I'm sure there will be some TF2 simply because I can't put the game down.

Randy Kalista
My time in Pirates of the Burning Sea has pulled into port and is taking some shore-leave.  If avatar combat wasn't such a haphazard deck spill (and if developer Flying Lab wasn't so willing to ignore that spill), then I'd purchase an annual subscription today.  But as it stands, nuh-uh.  Lost Odyssey will have me at its beck and call this weekend -- that is, if I can get my nose out of Robert E. Howard's Conan stories.  The Age of Conan is nigh.

Kolby Kappes
Pirates of the Burning Sea – Changed servers to a place where I have more compadres on the Spanish side. Being outnumbered by the British 4:1 turns out to be less fun. I’ll be checking out how things are in Antigua. I started playing Supreme Commander again a couple weeks ago – amazing RTS and I think I’m going to have to pick up Sins of a Solar Empire.

Matt Mirkovich
I WANNA PLAY PATAPON! I don't want to wait until next Wednesday...

I've picked up Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney since I can't get enough courtroom action. But it's going to have to fight with Lost Odyssey for my time which wins the "MOST DEPRESSING GAME EVER!" award. I love the story and the characters but man is it a downer, and don't believe all those negative reviews, the game has like 3-5 second load times and they are perfectly tolerable. I've also got a semi-old Korean game for my PSP, DJ Max Portable since I need a new music game fix.

Tyler Sager
This weekend I'll be playing that perennial favorite "How Much Do I Owe Uncle Sam?"  Hopefully I'll find some other time to spend with Sins of a Solar Empire, if only for its therapeudic value.
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