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Elliot Bonnie
I am hoping to jump into Burnout Paradise, but as of late I have been playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I've also played a little FIFA '08, but I suck pretty bad at most sports games... so I might try my hand at something different. Maybe Rez HD is a nice option.

Charles Husemann
I imagine this weekend I'll be further exploring some of the other classes in Team Fortress 2. I've been enjoying setting people on fire as a Pyro but I think it's time to spend a little more time with the Heavy and the Sniper class.  I'll also be playing an advance simulator known as Turbo Tax in hopes that I might get a little coin back from our Federal overlords.

Randy Kalista
ValuSoft has piped some games onto Steam this week, and it's high time I see what all that PuzzleQuest hubbub was about; but I say that without a hint of irony in my voice, since the concept looks absolutely brilliant.  I'm also ready to navigate my spankin' new 'Locust' Corvette -- an absolutely gorgeous scout ship built with both beauty and grace as top design priorities -- across Pirates of the Burning Sea.  Pirates are easy enough to dismiss, but the British are proving themselves to be an increasingly un-ignorable nuisance to French ports and trade lanes.

Matt Mirkovich

I managed to beat No More Heroes within the week of its release. Now it's time to go back and do all the little things I didn't do, and on a harder difficulty. The game is seriously messed up and I'll have a review for it soon. Other than that I'll probably be at work all weekend, and during the lull that we'll hit I'll probably kill time playing Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. Yeah, I'm just not all that in to football...

Dan Keener
I will be playing around more with the Panasonic projector we recently got in.  Probably more Burnout: Paradise, a little Oblivion and Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox 360 for testing purposes.  On the PC, I have Gears of War finally up and running and will continue the fight with Halo 2 campaign.
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