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Elliot Bonnie
The Devil May Cry 4 demo, Burnout Paradise, Ace Combat 6, and some form of Zelda. I might also celebrate the upcoming GTA IV with some San Andreas. Sign me up.

Sean Colleli
Winter quarter at OSU has been keeping me busy, but that doesn't stop me from procrastinating now and then. To put off homework and papers, I'm working my way through Orange Box again. Having finished Half Life 2 and Episode One in the past couple of weeks, I just restarted Episode Two, which I mix with a healthy diet of Team Fortress 2. I'll finish with Portal, saving the best for last

Charles Husemann
This weekend I'll be wrapping up Time Crisis 4 and spending more time with the Everyday Shooter, a game that brings a smile to my face every time I play it. Outside of that I'll be be spending a lot of time in 2Fort setting people on fire as a pyro in Team Fortress 2.

Randy Kalista
I'm going to "Burnout" on a different type of "Paradise" this weekend (get it?). Pirates of the Burning Sea has welcomed me with open arms into the economic branch of its gameplay with a thoughtful and gently-paced tutorial. And, in remembrance of my pilgrimage to Israel a year ago, I've downloaded the informative and intimidating Peacemaker. It's unspeakably mind-boggling trying to balance the myriad of real-world boiling-point issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Kolby Kappes
Well Matey, I’ll be playing a lot of Pirates of the Burning Sea. The glorious Spanish Navy will be smiting the frog eating French wherever possible. Also plan to check out Burnout Paradise for the 360) and No More Heroes on the Wii.

Dan Keener
Wow, I have all kinds of good stuff to play this week. I picked up Burnout Paradise for the Xbox 360, Games for Windows version of Viva Piñata finally arrived and I finally joined the Rock Band revolution.   I'll probably get in some Undertow as well, seeing as how its free, and assuming I can actually download it from Live. Oh yeah, the first of our review units arranged at CES arrived, so I will be spending some quality time with that ;-)

Matt Mirkovich
I've got my 2nd Wii game finally. No More Heroes, featuring Japan-o-phile Travis Touchdown. To say this game bleeds style is an understatement. I've also got Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, and I think I'll be partaking in that free copy of Undertow on XBox Live, provided I can actually connect to download it. Yeah that's right, I'm not playing Burnout this weekend.

Tyler Sager
Not much new on my end...I'll be playing through Folklore, Sins of a Solar Empire beta, and possibly playing with some of the GalCivII beta expansion as well.
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