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Elliot Bonnie - Staff Writer
Not too surprising for Elliott this week. More COD4, Juiced 2: HIN, Need for Speed Pro Street, and Forza 2. I may not own my dream car (1971 Nissan Skyling GTR), but I can pretend.

Randy Kalista - Staff Writer
I had boats in the bathtub.  I had the LEGO "Black Pearl" pirate ship.  I had the G.I. Joe aircraft carrier.  Battleship was my favorite board game.  Sid Meier's Pirates! (1987) took up most of my afternoons in grade school.  And now I'm in the pre-boarding event for Pirates of the Burning Sea.  I'm trying to keep my expectations on an even keel, Sony, but I've been unknowingly preparing for this MMO for decades.

Dan Keener - Staff Writer
I'm playing a little game I like to call "Sleep".  After pounding the show floor at CES for four days, its time to catch up on my sleep and my writing.  I will probably get in a little more game time with Guitar Hero II (yes, II) and crack the seal on PGR4 on the Xbox 360.

Cyril Lachel - Staff Writer
It's my buddy's birthday this weekend, so what better time for us to get together, do some drinking and rock out?  That's right, the entire living room will be a-rockin' thanks to Rock Band and the dozen or so tracks I downloaded over the last few weeks.  Will our band (Kentia Hall) finally rock so hard that the game immediately puts us in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame?  Will we win an MTV Music Award?  Does anybody actually care that I'm still playing Rock Band?  If I can sneak it in, then I'll probably finish up playing the newest episode of Sam & Max, Moai Better Blues.  We'll just have to see how much time there is after all the rocking I plan on doing.

Matt Mirkovich - Staff Writer
I'm seeking the conduit, Saren is just two steps ahead of me, I'm going to catch him! Stupid Mass Effect you're the game that doesn't want to end for me right now, but I love it! I'm playing Valkyrie Profile AGAIN, my once a year itch that needs scratching. And I'm thinking of logging some more hours in Rock Band, my band, "I'd Like to Buy a Vowel" is going places, we just got our van, and we're on the road.

Charles Husemann - Editor in Chief
This weekend was all about recuperating from CES and getting back into the swing of things.  This weekend I'll be trying some downloadable games like Omega 5, Everyday Shooter, and Super StarDush HD
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