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Ellion Bonnie - Staff Writer/Finished the Fight
This weekend I will be getting my plasma grenades and self respect thrown back in my face by some middle schoolers on Xbox Live. They might crush me in Halo 3, but at least I'm not a virgin.

Ben Berry - Staff Writer/Not even in the Fight
As I continue to be without both my 360 (RRoD) and Wii (Won't read discs), I've had to go old school. My girlfriend brought over my old Xbox that I gave her after my last Xbox title review, and tonight we're going to be playing Destroy all Humans 2 in Co-op mode. Also, I'll probably break out the DS Lite this weekend, and try and help her out of the problems she's having with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, so we can move onto And Justice for All in time to be ready for the next edition of the game

Randy Kalista - Staff Writer/Late to the Fight
I'm actually going mano y mano with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08, and Tiger himself -- the back-nine Bowser to my sand-bunkered Mario -- is surrounded with enough mini-bosses to give Contra: Shattered Soldier a run for its money.  And no, I'm not completely above the Halo 3 hoopla, mainly because I don't want to be 85 years old one day and be the only codger in Shady Oaks that missed out on the WoW of console shooters.  But with everyone saying they finished the fight in, like, one day?  I rented.

Matt Mirkovich - Staff Writer/Fighting a different fight
I'm managing to stave off the Halo 3 masses at work. Instead I am playing Heroes of Mana still, which has some wacky pathing issues. I'm finally going to get Eternal Sonata going this weekend as well. And then whenever I tire of that I have Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2, to which I say, BOOOOO Konami, your songlist is not indicative of your arcade title. And then there is skate. where I learn to perfect a 360 flip to a frontside crooked grind. Fun times.

Tyler Sager- Senior Staff Writer/Fighting a bigger Fight
I'm still working on Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power, and I'm just starting to play around with the beta of Sins of a Solar Empire.  My plate is quite full, and it's incredibly difficult to decide which title to play at a given moment.

Charles Husemann - Editor In Chief/Still trying to Finish the Fight
This weekend I'm going to finish the fight and try out some of the multiplayer and co-op action (assuming John finally picks up a copy of Halo 3).  I'm also going to be working my way through World in Conflict and maybe Universe at War if the spirit moves me.

John Yan - Senior Hard Ware Editor/Fighting the Fight in hell
Hellgate: London... It's all about Hellgate: London.. Did I mention Hellgate:LondonTeam Fotress 2 is also on my list and if I have the time I'll pick up Halo 3 at the store  :)
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