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Elliot Bourne - Staff Writer/The New Guy
This weekend I will playing my usual Gears of War and Rainbow Six on Live and also possibly revisiting the OG Halo... Oh yeah, my girlfriend will probably crush me in Wii Sports bowling a couple times too.

Randy Kalista - Staff Writer/Amateur Gangsta
Grand Theft Auto IV is delayed until next year, but doing more time in Saint's Row won't hurt anything.  I also need a good laugh, so I might stop by the offices of Sam & Max to do a marathon run through Season One.  Although my poor Lappy 3000 (hat tip: Homestarrunner) has come down with a case of the sniffles, Charles and I will once again forge ahead through the latest build of Tabula Rasa.  Be on the lookout for Richard Garriott's first Jamaican-themed expansion pack, Tabula "Rasta." I kid.

Matt Mirkovich - Staff Writer/Teenage monster slayer
So this weekend looks to be rife with throwbacks. I've got Final Fantasy 2 on my PSP, Final Fantasy 6 on my GBA/DS, Suikoden 2 on my PS1/2. And then to keep things current, a whole lot of Persona 3. I can't believe how entranced I am with going to school by day, and slaying monsters by night.

Cyril Lachel - Sr. Staff Writer/Retro Gamer
This weekend is all about Sega's newest version of Alien Syndrome.  I was always a fan of the old arcade game, so I'm cautiously optimistic about this Wii and PSP game.  I plan on going through both this weekend in order to deliver a review, so wish me luck on that one.  If I still have time left over I plan on going back and finishing up Doom on the Xbox Live Arcade.  I came to the party late, but I'm having entirely too much fun blasting my way through Hell on Mars.

Tyler Sager - Sr. Staff Writer/Future Gen Con attendee
I'll be concentrating on Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword this weekend, and I'm sure that'll be eating most if not all of my gaming time.  I've had a little time so far, and I'm feeling like a kid in a candy store, wanting to try everything at once (often to humorously disastrous results).  I've also been tinkering around with an old turn-based game called Etherlords, but that'll probably be pushed aside for a bit.

Charles Husemann - Editor in Chief/Crappy Speller
This weekend I'll probably be spending quality time with Randy checking out the new Tabula Rasa beta and figuring out why I seem to die much more than I live at the moment. I'm also going to be working on a new little project for GamingNexus that we're launching next week and I'll probably spent way too much time with my new casual addiction, Lottso Deluxe (I can quit any time I want to...seriously....ok, maybe just a few more games and then I'll quit)
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