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Ben Berry - Staff Writer
Now that I've rid New York of crime and alien symbote costumes in Spider-Man 3, I've started playing Shrek the 3rd. I don't anticipate this to be a very long, or very good game.

Randy Kalista - Staff Writer
You can feel the electricity in the air anytime RockStar throws out a Grand Theft Auto IV nugget (which, sorry, I haven't hacked any beta build or anything).  But media and politics should be more afraid of titles like Forza Motorsport 2.  Because while I'm not chemically imbalanced enough to jump out of my Honda Civic and brain a hooker on the sidewalk, I am dumb enough to raise my median speed limit to 20 mph over the legal signage, all because games like Forza are real-world enough to make you think you can actually drive like that on I-5 and not see them blue lights in your rearview.  I better stick to my 360 this weekend and refrain from getting behind the wheel.

Dan Keener - Staff Writer
I should be playing Forza 2, Shadowrun and some Halo 3 beta on the Xbox 360 (something worked out until mine gets back from repair).  On PC, I am trying to figure out HTF to play the this new beta I'm in, get the Warhammer Online going and continue to hammer away at the Shadow of Legend beta.

Matt Mirkovich - Staff Writer
So this weekend I'm revisiting an old friend in Tomb Raider Anniversary, bravo Crystal Dynamics. Outside of that there is all sorts of Odin Sphere lovin' and I recently got my hands on a copy of the artbook, man is it amazing, too bad it cost quite a bit. And it's off to the arcade again since Sunnyvale Golfland got a Beatmania IIDX Gold machine! Time to get my Ghostbusters remix on!

Cyril Lachel - Senior Staff Writer
Now that I've finally started work on my SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash DS review I have all but stopped playing that.  With this weight off my chest I feel that I finally have a chance to attack a few of the other titles I've been meaning to get to.  Games like Shadowrun for the Xbox 360.  To date I have already completed the single-player game ... aka the 6 training missions.  Hopefully this weekend I will find some time to go up against other people (maybe even Vista owning people).  I also intend to figure out how to pronounce Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu, the weird card fighting Dragon Ball Z game for the Nintendo DS.  And since this is the final weekend I will probably do my part and actually play some Halo 3, even though I'm completely bored of those three levels.

Tyler Sager - Senior Staff Writer
Not a whole lot new here this week.  Still having fun with Oblivion, still tinkering around with Odin Sphere (but not diving in too much just yet).  I also have been fiddling with Civilization IV: Warlords, and will probably put some time into that.

Charles Husemann - Editor in Chief
I have a feeling I'll be spending some time with the Warhawk beta this weekend.  With the patch coming out today it will be nice to play the game for more than five minutes without having it crash.  I might also get some time in with the beta that I'm not allowed to talk about but was released on Gamespot last week and probably play some Shadowrun with John this weekend.  If fortune smiles at me I might also get some time with Spider-Man 3 for the PS3 which keeps looking at me from my stack of games to play.

John Yan - Senior Hardware Editor
For this weekend it's going to be baseball season as I go through my trials of trying to earn a spot in the majors with MLB07 The Show for the PlayStation 3. I'm sure I'll also get a few licks of Shadowrunning here and there with Chuck. I might try to do the cross platform deal with me playing on the 360. Finally, I'm going to try to get a few races in with Forza 2 as I missed out on the original one on the Xbox.
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