Keep these miniaturized Red Dead Redemption 2 videos coming

by: Randy -
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Since it completely blew up across sites like Polygon yesterday, Red Dead Online Guides quickly put together another Red Dead Redemption 2 tilt shift video. I can't explain explain how tilt shift photography works, but it makes everything look miniaturized, like it's built to the scale of a model railroad. I love it! It's fun every time.

This one, "RDR 2 Tilt Shift - New Austin Miniaturised - #2," takes shots across New Austin. That's a region of the map that Red Dead Redemption 1 makes you intimately familiar with from the get go, but Red Dead Redemption 2 doesn't let you play in until later chapters. The video highlights Tumbleweed in particular, a full-on ghost town in RDR 1, but is still showing signs of life in the prequel RDR 2. I know that part is a little confusing if you're unfamiliar with the Red Dead series: RDR 2 chronologically takes place before RDR 1.

We reviewed Red Dead Redemption 2 twice 'round about these parts. You can catch our 10 out of 10 on the PS4, or the 9 out of 10 ("Why so low?") on PC a year later. I personally put 70 or 80 hours into the game but only progressed to Chapter 3. You could say I was milking it. But RDR 2 is also a game I've never been able to delete from my storage-starved PS4, making it 100 GB worth of "I swear I'll get back to it."

In the coming days, Red Dead Online Guides will share similar videos for Saint Denis and Rhodes, Annesburg and Van Horn, and will even show off some story missions thrown into a tilt-shift format.