Haven's opening movie is a watercolor dance pop video with lots of XOXO

by: Randy -
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The Game Bakers continue building Haven, their follow-up to 2016's Furi. Furi was a tough, single-player, isometric hack-and-slash. Haven will have less emphasis on the "tough," be 100% co-op if you have a couch co-op partner, and have the protagonists spend a decent amount of time hugging and making out, not just flowing around the science-fantasy landscape. Haven is a game for lovers! How rare is that, right?

They escaped to a lost planet to be together.
An RPG adventure about love and freedom.
To play solo or co-op with a special someone.

The Game Bakers wrote 13 syllables into each one of those lines above. Interesting. That must be a thing in poetry. Not iambic pentameter, per se—though I see you Shakespeare scholars counting on your fingers—but it's certainly something along those lines.

Haven's gameplay reveal happened back in July of last year. Shame on us for not posting anything about it then. But the opening movie just came out (see below), painting a pretty watercolor romance, and splashing it with a spunky dance track. When there are a thousand video games that come out every year trying to distinguish themselves from the crowd, Haven is making it look pretty dang easy. 

Haven is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox in 2020. (Note: They do not specify PS4 or PS5, nor Xbox One or Xbox Series X, but could imply all of the above?)