Sony now pumps PlayStation juice directly into your heart

by: Randy -
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Leave it to Sony to come up with the most disturbing ad you'll see in time for Valentine's Day. While sitting around a boardroom, someone wrote "Feel the Power of PlayStation" up on a white board, and then the room started spitballing. "Remember our PS3 commercials?" Bob from Marketing chimes in, just as he does every single year. Some Sony execs facepalm, thinking, This again, Bob? But others suddenly tune in, leaning forward in their oversized faux leather business chairs. "The creepy baby, the Rubik's Cube, the eggs that burst into crows?" Somebody's mouth starts watering. "Go on," they say. "What if," Bob in Marketing says, "what if we turn the PlayStation into a horror box again?"

Boom. Somebody claps their hands. More than a few people fall out of their seats. Coffee is spilled. Janet forgets to pick up her kids from the babysitter that day. And this latest commercial is born.

I'm weirdly uncertain if I should put an age gate on this video. Ah screw it. It's Valentine's soon, right?