UORiS DX now available in Nintendo eShop

by: Eric -
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For this week's episode of "The Nintendo eShop Just Doesn't Care" - my ongoing column concerning the eShop's complete unwillingness to tidy up the mangled marketing verbiage of imported titles - I would like to submit UORiS DX

UORiS DX is the deluxe remake of UORis, a puzzle game release on the Google Play store for Android devices.

Interested in knowing what UORiS is about? Good luck parsing this, because the Nintendo eShop just doesn't care:

UORiS has become DX (Deluxe) and reborn!

Redesigned as it is cute. There are more types of fish blocks, and a mysterious huge block has appeared!?

The rules are simple, just align them side by side and erase them. However, when the head disappears, all the body except the line also disappears.

In the empty place, the upper block falls down and it is possible to erase the chain.

Multiple play modes available.

"ENDLESS MODE" that ends when it is piled up.

"TIME LIMIT MODE" that competes for the score in 3 minutes.

"MISSION MODE" that solves the puzzle to be set.

"PICTURE BOOK" where you can observe the creatures that appear."

You can actually get a much better idea of what the game is all about by checking out this trailer that I pulled from a Russian gaming channel:

Looks pretty cool, actually.