It is finished! Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

by: Randy -
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Seven years in the making, the five-episode Kentucky Route Zero just put out its fifth and final episode on January 28. The full season, which includes the five episodes plus the full interludes that bridge the gap between each act, is available on PC as Kentucky Route Zero: PC Edition. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch get Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, which includes all the same stuff.

KRZ, for the uninitiated (I'm one of them), is a magical realist adventure game where you're a logistics van driver trying to make a delivery of some antique. You'll have to access some secret route beneath Kentucky to make it happen. If you're like me, then that's the kind of thing that makes you realize, "Yo that video game description is wild!" You know who you are. And you already know if this game is for you.

In this launch trailer, the flavor of KRZ comes through. Cathode ray tube televisions. Static. Gas stations. Bald eagles. Old mutts. Mammoths. Swamp lands. Dive bars. Keytar duets. Tug boats. Motorcycle sidecars. Horses in the headlights. Benny Hannah's in the mist. Scaffolding bracing fire temples in dark caverns. A life-sized internet browser Home button to stand in.

I don't know, I just work here. I have got to get my hands on this one, though. Been waiting all these seven years to play the complete product and it's finally here, hallelujah.

Developer Carboard Computer is really on one with the ARG action, too. Go ahead and call up the "Dept. of The Real" at 1-858-943-6579 if you need the game to start messing with your head immediately. It's safe. I'm pretty sure.