Pre-orders for Intellivision Amico are now live

by: Nathan -
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Intellivision Amico launches in the Fall on October 10th but pre-orders are now live on their website for a special "Founders Edition" of the Amico. Only 2600 of these editions will be available. 

The pre-order requires a $100 down payment but it can be refunded at any time up to the release where they will charge the extra $199

The Founders Edition will include the following content 

  • Vintage Woodgrain Amico console hand numbered and signed by CEO Tommy Tallarico
  • $50 RFID golden ticket card allowing you to download games to the console 
  • Exclusive founders patch
  • Exclusive founders pin
  • Exclusive lenticular poster signed by the Amico team
  • Physical CD's and digital downloads of the Earthworm Jim Anthology album and Tommy Tallarico Greatest Hits Volume 2
  • Early delivery of the Intellivision Amico a few days before the official launch

The first videogame console I ever played as a kid was my fathers Intellivision and I am very excited about this so I will be keeping my eyes on this system throughout the year.