The Retro Future goes hands on with the Evercade

by: Sean Colleli -
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It's been nearly a year since the Evercade portable was announced and now Elliot from The Retro Future is one of the first Youtubers to go hands-on with the device. The premise is kind of refreshing: the Evercade is a handheld game console that uses interchangeable cartridges, each one loaded with fully licensed classic games. This means that you sidestep any of the sticky legal issues that come with emulation, and loading up your library is as simple as swapping cartridges. However, this also means that you once again have to lug a bunch of carts around, and if certain publishers aren't onboard--say, Nintendo for example--there's going to be glaring gaps in the available library.

Those caveats aside, Elliot is very impressed with the Evercade's build quality and the performance of the emulators that are built into the handheld's OS. It even has a mini HDMI port so you could presumably plug this into a TV for home use. I'm going to be honest, this seems like a pretty niche product and I'm not sure how it will perform once it arrives in April. That said it looks a damn sight prettier and more professional than a lot of the emulator handhelds that have been coming out of China for a while; one of the perks of going fully licensed and legit.