Monster Hunter World lays out roadmap for 2020

by: Rob -
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With the release of the Iceborne expansion finally hitting PC, Capcom has laid the groundwork for the future of the open world adventure. The first bit of news is that new content for Monster Hunter World will release simultaneously on PC and Console moving forward with the current in-game events and with new content starting in April. Great news for the PCmasterace.

To catch up before that April date, PC players will see a steady stream of Icebourne content throughout February. From the press release: "The centerpiece of the first PC title update on February 6 is the fearsome Rajang, the ruthless fan-favorite monster that offers a challenge for even the most seasoned hunters. A new Volcanic Region will be added to the end-game Guiding Lands, and becomes accessible once players have started the special assignment quest to battle Rajang. Popular survival horror icons Leon, Claire and Tyrant also pay a visit to Iceborne for the limited time Raccoon City collaboration, where hunters can acquire materials to craft Leon a+ and Claire a+ full armor sets plus three Raccoon City themed pendants to spruce up their favorite weapons. The first title update also brings the ability to visit other players’ rooms, and limited time quests that provide materials to forge the Hunter Weapon and Palico armor + weapon from the Iceborne Design Contest winners. Paid DLC options for room décor have also been added for those that wish to spruce up their place even more for guests." This will be followed by more PC content in March with the Stygian Zinogre, Tundra Region, Barioth, Viper Tobi-Kadachi, and Safi’jiiva Siege.

Console players won't be let out during this transition. New limited time event quests will regularly drop and increase the odds of finding gold crown monsters, decorations, and Great Spiritvein Gems. Two variant monsters will hit Icebourne in March first on Console and then PC in early April before everything is all caught up. Afterwards, new Arch-Tempered and Master Rank versions of existing monsters will hit all platforms. Then in May the return of "a fan-favorite monster" but no word on who that will be. Updates are promised to continue into June and beyond but no details yet other than that promise. 

Moster Hunter World can be found on the cheap and is by all accounts an incredible game. The base game is a steal and you'll do well to look into the Icebourne expansion and the different packages that do or do not include it. But you can dip your toes in the base game for couch change and then decide if you want to catch up with Icebiourne which still floats about at a bit of a premium.