Digital Foundry goes in-depth with new patch for classic Doom

by: Sean Colleli -
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When Doom and Doom II came to consoles last year, it's fair to say it wasn't the cleanest of ports. Music and sound effects were too slow or off-pitch, the lighting system was broken, and the game obstinately asked you to sign into Bethesda.net just to play the single player. The biggest issues were quickly remedied with a hasty patch, but it still was far from an authentic retro experience.

The latest patch has made significant technical and quality of life improvements to Doom and Doom II, and Digital Foundry is here to break it down with their typical attention to detail. It turns out that performance has been dramatically improved up to 60fps across all platforms, the sound and music issues have been remedied, and players can now access official add-ons like Final Doom and John Romero's SIGIL free of charge.

I picked both games up for Switch--mostly because Switch still doesn't have a decent split-screen shooter--and so far I'm mostly satisfied. I honestly prefer to play classic Doom on PC with a fully-featured source port like GZDoom or Doomsday, but for a console port that costs $5 and change, this version is a really nice option.