Filament's Juniper will immediately remind you of Firewatch's Delilah

by: Randy -
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I didn't think it would, but Filament got my attention. I'm not usually one for puzzle games. I like puzzles in games, but I don't really dig puzzles for puzzles' sake. But, okay, Filament has got more going on here.

You're aboard a lonely, seemingly abandoned space station. You're stringing a cable of light behind you to solve those mean old nasty puzzles through each room. Your job is to illuminate. To draw parallels between, and strands to and fro, in order to make some kind of connection, I'm assuming. 

But the part that got me was the sincere and slightly too-close-to-the-mic narrative. Yes, developer Beard Envy wants to remind you of The Witness with its non-linear puzzling action. And yes, Beard Envy wants to remind you of Firewatch with the lonely, heartfelt voice overs from Juniper, the woman on the mic. Well, congratulations, Beard Envy. You got me to remember those two games. 

Filament is coming to PC sometime in Q1 2020. 2020 is a real year now, by the way. Ten days in and I'm still scratching my head over that one. I'm starting on my preview of Filament tonight.