Daemon X Machina and the Witcher - all coming together on the Switch

by: Rob -
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Daemon X Machina is a shooter for the Nintendo Switch that I hadn't actually heard of until this announcement. The Witcher is a bad mofo inhabiting a lore, world, video games, novels, short stories, and narrative I adore. The last Witcher game, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt recently released for the Switch, so Daemon X Machina is. bringing the heroes from that title, Geralt and Ciri, to Daemon X Machina's character creator via outfits, body types, hairstyles, and more. Basically Geralt (if you must) or Ciri (if you want to cleverly try and actually tie in the plot of the Witcher III to a new world, this is your choice) can become you mech pilot. 

This new content is free and available now to anyone playing Daemon X Machina. You can find the game itself on the Nintendo eShop.