Rugby20 lifts the lid on licensed teams

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On the heels of an Epic World Cup last summer that saw my All Blacks soundly beaten by a better England side who themselves lost in the final by a resolute Springboks team from South Africa, Rugby20 is nearing release. The final version of the game is promising 69 official teams, 4 leagues, and over 2,000 players. Details on the third and final beta period are also out (the first two have already passed). That beta is open to those with pre-orders between 19 December and 3 January. While the beta only includes national teams, get excited for the complete roster in the full release. However, keen eyed observers will check out the graphic below and see a few key National Unions are missing from the lineup. Sigh, licensing...

Head over to the official site for all the details about Rugby20, including pre-order information or further details about the 3rd Beta. Rugby 20 will be available worldwide on January 23rd, 2020 for Xbox One and PC. The PS4 release is a week later, January 28th in North America. Full press release is after the Read More link below.

Rugby 20 reveals the full extent of its official licenses

Also find out when the 3rd and last phase of the closed beta will begin and end

Rugby 20 | Closed Beta Trailer

Lesquin, France, November 27, 2019 – The third and last phase of the closed beta for Rugby 20 on Xbox One will be from 19 December to 3 January 2020. Players who pre-ordered the game may once again dive into the world of the oval-shaped ball during the year-end holidays in anticipation of the full release of the game on 23 January 2020 on Xbox One, PC and January 28 on PlayStation®4 in North America.
Pre-ordering gives you an early taste of the new-generation rugby simulation and gives you the opportunity to share your opinions and feedback with the developers on the game's official Facebook page.
While the beta only includes national teams, the final version will contain significantly more licensed content, with 69 official teams, 4 leagues and over 2,000 players faithfully reproduced in the game. Rugby fans will be able to replay some of the sport's greatest matches, solo or with friends.
With a strong focus on simulation, Rugby 20 offers players all the elements that make up modern rugby: tactical changes during matches, attacking pods, passing after contact and set plays. Rugby fans will find all the sport's essential elements in the video game.
With real tactical depth, the addition of a set plays system, revised motion-capture animations, redesigned AI and innovative gameplay, Rugby 20 is ready to become the new standard for rugby video games.
Rugby 20 will be available on January 23 2020 on Xbox One and PC worldwide and on January 28 for PlayStation®4 in North America.