Rage 2's second expansion, Terrormania, is out now

by: Sean Colleli -
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Rage 2 is still trucking along with its second expansion pack, Terrormania, which is available as of this writing. The DLC concerns a record called the Necodisk, which against all better judgement your character decides to play backwards, which unleashes an army of ghouls onto the wasteland. Naturally things get pretty spooky in short order and you have to send the skeletons back to where they came from with some slick new weapons, including a magic sword.

The base expansion costs $5, or you can spring for the digital deluxe upgrade for $17.50, which adds an extra mission and a handful of skins along with Terrormania. You can watch the trailer for the DLC below.

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RAGE 2’s latest expansion, RAGE 2: TerrorMania, is available now on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Players can dive in now to explore the Deadlands, the twisted and cursed alternate reality of the wasteland. Slice down skeletal goons with a powerful new sword (that doubles as a cursed-gate opening key) and discover warped versions of familiar locations as well as brand new locales. Track down fragments of the shattered NecroDisc and shut the gateway to this alternate dimension for good.

Check out the RAGE 2: TerrorMania launch trailer: https://youtu.be/Ernp46e-dUY

RAGE 2: TerrorMania is available on all platforms, downloadable from the in-game store for 500 RAGE Coins ($5). Players can also pick up a special TerrorMania Digital Deluxe Upgrade for 1750 RAGE Coins ($17.50) which includes:

  • RAGE 2: TerrorMania expansion
  • Cult of the Death God mission
  • Reaper Assault Rifle weapon skin
  • Wasteland Celebrity Phoenix vehicle skin
  • Mutant Monster Truck vehicle skin