Planet Coaster announced for PS4 and Xbox One

by: Eric -
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What a coincidence! On the very day that the Gaming Nexus staff has been amusing ourselves in Slack with a hysterical video about Planet Coaster from Gray Still Plays, we receive the announcement that developer Frontier is bringing the extremely popular amusement park management game to consoles in Summer 2020.

Here’s the new trailer:

While there isn’t a lot of information about what this new Console Edition will include, the idea that console players might get all the DLC is hinted at in this blurb:

“Featuring all of the depth, strategy and customization found in the studio's award-winning PC game, the Planet Coaster: Console Edition will allow new players the chance to dream big and build bigger on their journey to simulation stardom while benefiting from the ongoing development since its original launch.”

Oh, and here is that great video from Gray Still Plays. I don't recall any language, and the violence is beyond tame, but the idea of the video is building a coaster to mow down park-goers, so proceed with the appropriate level of caution. Enjoy!