Third content update announced for Maximum Football 2019

by: Carter -
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Although we're more than halfway through football season ( goes by so fast), you can still get your hands on Maximum Football 2019

Canuck Play has announced the game's third content update, which will include the following changes:

  • Various small adjustments to receiver animation to smooth out the catch and turn.
  • Updated the in-game help screens.
  • Updated the default rosters for dynasty mode.
  • Corrected the player height/weight calculation process. You should no longer get a 5' 8" - 250lbs Defensive Back.
  • Improved the movement process for players assigned to block in the backfield.
  • For US College Football rules, the quarter clock stops on a first down. This clock will now restart as soon as the offensive team breaks the huddle. This is being done to emulate the quarter clock restarting after the 'move the chains' process that would happen in a real game.

If you want to stay up-to-date on the running list of improvements, keep an eye on this page.