Doom and Doom II get patched on Switch

by: Sean Colleli -
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When Doom and Doom II arrived on Switch earlier this summer, it was a welcome surprise quickly splashed with cold water. The ports were saddled with a mandatory login, and the general performance of these decades-old games was surprisingly lacking. Bethesda was quick to patch out the mandatory login; it was supposed to be an optional bonus for Doom Slayers Club members. But The sluggish performance and oddly off-tempo music remained.

Bethesda has announced that these issues have also been remedied. They are also quick to remind players that linking their Slayers Club account will unlock exclusive skins for use in Doom Eternal, but I suspect Switch owners won't exactly be dying to jump on that offer. Regardless, it's nice that Doom and Doom II, which I'm pretty sure I can run on my toaster, are finally performing optimally on Switch.