The Last of Us Part II launches February 21st 2020

by: Sean Colleli -
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Well the big reveal is finally here, The Last of Us Part II has a release date of February 21st, 2020. The main playable character this time is Ellie, as we've pretty much suspected so far, and she's on a quest for revenge after her girlfriend is apparently murdered by bandits. She sets out alone against some pretty mean odds, but it looks like Joel is back to help the hotheaded young teen take on the cordyceps zombies and depraved survivors that she's up against.

I'll be completely honest, I'm not all that excited for this game. I tried to play The Last of Us Remastered long after the hype had died down, and despite everyone telling me it was a genre-defining masterpiece that would have me in tears, I just couldn't get past the first few chapters. Maybe I'm just burnt out on de-saturated, life-is-hell post apocalypse survival games. Maybe after endless seasons of The Walking Dead, both TV and Telltale game, I'm sick to death of zombies. Maybe after innumerable other PS4 exclusives I was getting worn out on so-called "dad simulators." But I just couldn't get excited for another depressing, ultra-realistic zombie drama in a bombed-out hellscape.

I have no doubt that The Last of Us Part II will send out the PS4 with a bang. It looks gorgeous and rich and deep and I'm really happy for all the people who are super excited for it. But like the first one, I'll probably catch this one a few years down the line. For everyone else, February 21st probably can't come soon enough.

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