The conclusion to the Hitman 2 season pass heads for The Maldives

by: Randy -
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This trailer makes me very angry that I personally don't play enough Hitman 2. And I know a trailer is just a trailer, and cinematics (using the in-game engine or not) can be deceiving, but the mood setting for this Haven Island trailer really captures the look, feel, and quietly murderous knife edge that the Hitman series lives and breathes on. I love it. I just wish I loved it enough to play more of it.

Haven Island! New sandbox location. Welcome to the warm beaches and palm trees of The Maldives, way off the coast of India. There are 20 levels of Location Mastery, five new item unlocks, and an unlockable suit. The new suit is likely the white button-up and aviator sunglasses we see ol' Agent 47 sporting in the trailer. It's a clean look.

The events on Haven Island pick up right after events in the New York bank, the previous expansion pass content. Haven Island is the premiere "reputation management" solution for the world's rich and famous—but there are rumors that they're actually reconstructing identities of wealthy criminals. I guess that's what the white-collar shirt is for.

Haven Island lands next week on September 24. The game is on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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