Bleak Sword looks like it crawled out of an OG Game Boy

by: Randy -
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Devolver Digital still has an impeccable eye for neo-retro styling. The latest to join Devolver's publishing library is Bleak Sword, developed by More8Bit. Despite its name, More8Bit goes more for a 2-bit look and style. You're a sword-swinging knight caught up in dark fantasy dioramas. You'd expect these scenes to be static back in the day, but Bleak Sword has the three-dimensional depth of more modern mobile gaming. And this poor fella is up against some Witcher-looking monstrosities—the kind with antlers and red eyes that stumble all angry out of the forests of Bavaria.

Bleak Sword takes place across nine chapters, where you're hacking and slashing anything and everything moving through the woods, swamps, castles, and dungeons along the way. There's an emphasis on elegant controls where you're rolling, parrying, attacking, and counter-attacking with movements suitable for gamepads and touch controls. Jim Guthrie of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP fame composed the soundtrack.

Bleak Sword is coming to Apple Arcade, no release date yet.