2K releases WWE 2K20 entrance videos for Samoa Joe and Buddy Murphy

by: Nathan -
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2K has released the first batch of entrances for the Superstars of WWE 2K20 and they have started off with Samoa Joe and Buddy Murphy. 

Both entrances look great. I love how the LED boards on the trons and the ramp got an upgrade. They look a lot sharper now and don't look all blurry and low resolution. Also of note this is Buddy Murphy's return to the series after a two year absence. This is also one of those few cases where the game being outdated is a good thing because Buddy's new theme he got a few weeks ago is absolute trash. His old one is way better. 

Probably the biggest update for entrances looks to be the addition of Greg Hamilton as the new ring announcer and he sounds fantastic. The crowd seems to have been updated as well as you can hear the crowd chanting "JOE JOE JOE" during Samoa Joe's entrance and even yells "ONE FALL!" after Greg's announcement as well. 

WWE 2K20 launches on October 22nd for PS4, Xbox One and PC.