Street Racers Beware: Need for Speed Heat releases 11/8/19

by: Carter -
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I'll admit - I haven't played a Need for Speed since Hot Pursuit in 2010. In my defense, this will be the 24th installment of the series, so I was bound to miss a few. 

But good gracious this one looks freaking awesome. 

EA has announced an 11/8/2019 release date for Need for Speed Heat. I'm pumped for September and college football - but now I'm equally pumped for November.

Heat will reunite street racing and law enforcement, as the Palm City (fictionalized Miami) Police Department looks to curtail your racing shenanigans. I seriously missed the cop and robber type dynamic. Check out the trailer below for more detail on gameplay, like day-mode and night-mode, as well as a preview of car customization (which you'll be able to do from an app on your phone if you so choose).