Operation Ember Rise brings two new operators and map to Rainbow Six: Siege

by: Nicholas -
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege's latest DLC: Operation Ember Rise brings to the fore two new operators in the form of Goyo and Amaru, as well as an update to the Kanal map.

Goyo, from Mexican Special Forces, comes equipped with a Vulcan shield, which can block enemies through doorways. It shares all the characteristics with a regular deployable shield, except it has an incendiary explosion upon complete destruction of the incendiary core or the shield itself. The shield has an equal number of advantages and disadvantages. It can't be detected through EMPs or various Operators digital tech, but it can be destroyed by just about anything. 

Goyo's main feature is to punch hard and fast in the early goings. He can leave his shield one place and go hunting in another, and his shield will still be a threat if he is downed. 

Amaru is a fast one. Equipped with a Gara hook, which can let her zip to any ledge, and once she's in the building, she can even go through open hatches within. Although Amaru's hook can break wood or windows, a Castle barricade will prevent any idea of that. 

Lastly, Kanal has been reworked, adding a linkup between the two buildings, and reshaping the roofs to make maneuvering more risky. Check it out in Ubisoft's video on the DLC, below.