Iron Harvest will reap what it sows in September of next year

by: Randy -
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I always love seeing robots get deepfaked into old-timey film. That's 100% what Iron Harvest is. In a classic real-time strategy format, it puts enormous—and enormously clunky-looking—diesel-punk mechs into black and white World War I footage. They're not perfectly drawn into the scene, but it's still neat. 

Iron Harvest is by KING Art Games, makers of point-and-click adventure series The Book of Unwritten Tales. KING Art does have some experience in turn-based strategy with 2013's Battle Worlds: Kronos, and some tactical RPG experience with 2016's The Dwarves. Iron Harvest will be their first foray into RTS territory.

Stick around for the second half of this short, story trailer for some actual gameplay. Snowy white fields. Golden wheat fields. Muddy battlefields. All done with explosive buildings and terrain, and captured with a dirty camera lens.

In creative launch date news, Iron Harvest 1920 is launching on 1.9.20—but that's the Euro date. Us Americans would read that as January 9, but it's actually September 1. Iron Harvest is coming to PC on September 1, 2020.