Zero Hero: The Bonebreaker, makes his landing in Wreckfest

by: Nicholas -
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Wreckfest, a racing sim that, as our review puts it, "supports you no matter" how you play. From straightforward racing to demolition derby with lawnmowers, it's got some real Burnout vibes to it. 

That rings all the truer with their latest addition: a character named Zero Hero, the Bonebreaker (in that order). 

In a press release from publisher THQ Nordic, he is described as follows: "Every man's dream is to become a hero someday, to earn glory and to win in life. Every man, except Zero Hero, the Bonebreaker. Zero Hero has only one goal and it is... to break your bones. He is not here to win anything, he is just here to make sure you lose".

And in the accompanying trailer (below) we see a mix of live action and gameplay. The live action bits depict a man taking a look at X-Rays of broken bones, pretending to drive a car with a really big wheel, and cooking steak on a toilet. Talk about wood-fire. 

In the game portion, we see, among other things, a guy driving a couch, absolutely wrecking other drivers. 

Wreckfest releases for console August 27th.