Dogfighter WW2 is bringing battle royale to the skies

by: Carter -
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The battle royale phenom is coming to the skies. 

Dogfighter: World War 2, a PS4 exclusive, is the latest rendition of WW2 aerial combat. It will offer gamers two separate game modes: the ever-popular battle royale and a more traditional single-player campaign. Dogfighter's battle royale pits you against up to 39 other aces - but will also offer duo and squad variants. The campaign will be available for purchase via DLC titled "Into the Fire."

From Spitfire to Mustangs, Dogfighter will be chock full of classic, customizable WW2 aircraft. Developed by Iggymob, Grumpy, and I-Bong, Dogfighter is set to release in Fall 2019.

Check out the trailer below: