Here's the showcase trailer for the Sega Genesis Mini

by: Sean Colleli -
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The Sega Genesis Mini is nearly here--it arrives September 20th--and Sega has a fun little showcase trailer here to keep the hype train going. The Genesis Mini includes 40 classic titles and 2 bonus games, and comes bundled with 2 wired USB controllers.

I think Sega is setting the record straight with the Genesis Mini, after years of poorly made third party licensed clones by AtGames tarnished the console's reputation. The Genesis is somewhat unfairly considered an inferior competitor to the Super Nintendo, but back in the mid 90s Sega really gave the complacent Nintendo a run for their money, until Sony came in and flattened everyone with the first Playstation.

It's fair to say that while Nintendo delivered an A+ game a couple times a year, Sega was batting consistent B's and B+ titles almost every month. The Genesis library might not hold up quite as well as the SNES's, but it's still chock full of games that are classics in their own right. I'm pleased to see a lot of them are getting a chance to shine again with the Genesis Mini.