And now, a treatise on how the best Neon Genesis Evangelion game has almost nothing to do with punching aliens

by: Nicholas -
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Neon Genesis Evangelion, a groundbreaking anime series, is not a franchise known for crossing platforms. Sure, it has definitely influenced some of the greatest, but as for its own legacy? Not so much. 

Leave it to YouTuber Writing on Games to shed some light on the anime's history in video games: from the first adaptation as an N64 game, to the surprising joy of a rhythm game, it has a varied resume. 

The video focuses on how difficult it can be to handle an adaptation of such enormous size, and the ups and downs of trying to capture the experience of such an introspective story that also has giant fighting robots. 

The games run the gamut of janky Super Smash Bros. clones to the run-of-the-mill light novel, it's an interesting look at how many different ways there are to turn over one medium for another. 

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this is how essayist Seamus Black likens Neon Genesis Evangelion 3nd Impact as one of the best adaptations of the franchise to hit gaming. It's a rhythm game that takes players throughout the anime's film remake in a way that is more efficient than previous adaptations that tried to take players through the whole series. 

It's a great watch. View below.