Maximum Football 2019 releases in-game Doug Flutie teaser

by: Carter -
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Six years.

That's how long it's been since EA Sports' NCAA Football series last released a game, leaving an unquantifiable void that's plagued the gaming world.  

Regardless, about this time each summer - when college football is just around the corner (giggles with excitement), I power up my archaic Xbox 360 and immerse myself in NCAA Football 2014's Dynasty mode.  Thank the gaming gods for the dedicated NCAA zealots who continue to annually update each and every team's roster.  That's commitment right there. 

NCAA is the only reason I've held onto my outdated console, which hums like it's about to launch through my ceiling.    

But alas, our saviors have arrived!

Canuck Play has been actively developing a much needed NCAA Football replacement - with updated gameplay and functionality.  

Presenting, Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2019.  

To be fair, this is volume two in the budding series, following Maximum Football 2018.  But this year's edition is gaining traction and getting more attention.  The Maximum team has gradually publicized insight into the much-anticipated game, from menus to player customization.

Most recently, on 7/22/19, Canuck Play released an in-game teaser of Doug Flutie scrambling.  It may just be a glimpse, but it's enough to get the college football gaming community fired up.  

At least, I am.

Maximum Football 2019 is expected to release this September on Xbox One and PS4.