New Ark: Survival Evolved map, Valguero, hits consoles

by: Carter -
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Ark: Survival Evolved's latest map has hit consoles.  On July 19, Valguero - Ark's seventh DLC expansion map - was released on Xbox One and PS4.  

Valguero is approximately 60 square kilometers (24 square miles) in size, as compared to The Island (48 km, 19 miles) and Ragnarok (98 km, 38 miles), and will also permit the following engrams: The Island, Scorched Earth, and Aberration.  

Ark's latest map features unique biomes, which are detailed below per Ark's community page:

  • The White Cliffs Biome - From sprawling green flatlands encompassed by massive white rocks, to narrow canyons and tall plateaus, the White Cliffs are the perfect location for building your base.
  • Tundra Biome - Dry and arid foliage covers the rolling hills of dying grass and desolate fir trees in this biome. A cold and unforgiving place, the Tundra is a place to tread lightly.
  • Savannah Biome - Nestled adjacent to the Jungle biome a top a cliffside, the Savannah is a cozy starting location to build in relative safety amongst its dry and open fields.
  • Aberration Biome - The first official mod map to include a massive fertile chamber unique to Valguero! This massive cave is a great location to find some of your favorite Aberration dinos, and find a safe place to call home underground.

Lastly, Valguero introduces a unique dino: the Deinonychus.  This creature is fiercely territorial and protective of its nests - so beware!