This documentary captures the scope of Dragon Age II's development

by: Nicholas -
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One of fellow writer Kinsey's favorite games, last time I checked, is Dragon Age II. I'm more of a fan of the first and third entries, but to each their own. 

One thing the second Dragon Age entry has going for it, however, is its ambition, but juxtaposed against a middling reception and some interference from higher-ups in the developer's publishing arm. There was also the whole conflict about making a proper sequel to the immediately iconic first entry. From the original subtitle of Exodus, because the game literally portrayed an exodus of protagonist Hawke from the continent of Thedas to the border city of Kirkwall. 

All this and more is covered in the latest gaming documentary from YouTube channel GVMERS. I've written about them a couple times before. Clocking in at a little over fifteen minutes, it's a brief but fascinating look at the ups and downs of the middle entry of the series.