New dungeon released for Conan Exiles

by: Rob -
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New skins and bug fixes are nice, but it's the meaty endgame content that keeps player communities engaged in any sort of MMO-type games. Funcom, the folks behind Conan Exiles, have just released a new dungeon for those looking for more to do in that endgame. The Warmaker Sanctuary will see players slog through some of the toughest challenges yet before having to go head to head with the Warmaker's Champion. 

In addition to the new dungeon, the latest update also brings:

  • Population revamp of faction capitals and caves 

  • New loot and recipes 

  • Temperature system update 

  • Agility and Survival attributes have been buffed 

  • Increased stack sizes for some resources 

  • Various balance changes 

  • A host of bugfixes

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