Agent 47 heads to New York for his next target

by: Nathan -
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Agent 47's travels across the globe will continue soon as the first new location for Hitman 2 has arrived and its called "The Bank". Taking place in New York, 47 will have to eliminate a ruthless banker with a disdain for the middle class who has also been laundering money for criminals and committing tax fraud.  

Owners of Expansion Pass and Expansion Pack will be able to download The Bank on June 25th. 

Here is whats included with The Bank map. 

  • New Location
  • New Campaign Mission: Golden Handshake
  • Contracts Mode for ‘Golden Handshake’
  • New Challenges, including an unlock
  • Mastery Progression, including new unlocks
  • New Trophies / Achievements to earn

There is also a bunch of other content available in the June update. Be sure to check it all out below in the June road map.