Angry Birds launches into virtual reality for movie tie-in

by: Rob -
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It's a game! No wait, it's a movie. It's a game again!

Angry Birds, the mobile gaming sensation ported itself over to the big screen about 3 years ago and is looking to return with a sequel in about 2 months. Coniciding with that release, XR Games is looking to release an Angry Birds VR game based on the film. The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure game is set to combine VR with TV for a co-op experience unlike anything else I've heard of. One player dons the VR headset and up to 3 others each grab a controller to join in and try and pilot a submarine. Apparently this submarine experience takes place entirely in the confines of the movie.

While that is the gist of it, absent any further details or gameplay footage I'll just leave you with the movie trailer. My guess is the submarine section is how the birds and pigs make their way to the 3rd island.